Marvel Select: Cable



X-Force fans can finally rejoice this week. The new Marvel Select Cable from Diamond Select was released this week.  Cable has already had a few figures made, but he's definitely been on the short end of the stick for figures, especially considering that he was incredibly popular during the 90s and has been featured in several runs during the last ten years.  


So now that he has his own Select figure what is it like?  It looks great.  The detail that was put into Cable is spectacular.  Cable's vest and the additional grenades are done well.  Cable's techno-organic arm looks great.  Cable's face has the familiar scowl and his techno-organic eye though unfortunately his eye isn't well defined.  It's incredibly small which makes it disappointing because his eye tends to stand out in the comics.  I feel like the eye does detract a bit from the overall awesomeness of the figure.


The articulation is a little disappointing as well but the vest is a problem.  It's huge, which cuts down on his shoulder movement. Elbow to shoulder you have limited movement, however, from the elbows down, there are no movement problems at all. The loss of upper arm movement is a problem from a posing standpoint.  The legs don't share the same issues as the arms. They're not held back by any limitations at all, in fact Cable can even do the splits should you feel the need to pose him like that.  


Cable comes with five guns and one knife.  He has three holsters to carry two guns and one knife, which is attached to his back.  The weapons look great and Cable would be proud to have so many readily available at his disposal.  They attach without too many issues once you figure out how to manipulate the hands and figures.  The larger gun has an issue with how far it goes back.  Once again the vest becomes an issue because the larger gun sort of runs into Cable's vest. However, the wrists are able to twist so you can sort of get around it.


I really want to love this figure because I'm a huge fan of Cable and I've been looking forward to this release for months.  Don't get me wrong, I do like it...but I don't love it.  The vest takes so much potential away from this figure.  It reduces the amount of poses that the figure can do.  It's far too bulky and restricts a large amount of movement that could be possible.  Also, I really wish they had a better job with Cable's eyes.  There just isn't enough detail in the eyes for my liking.  


Still, I would recommend this figure to fans of Cable and X-Force. Despite the criticisms it really does look pretty awesome. Obviously you aren't going to get the detail that higher end action figures have, though I really wish that they had put in a little more effort in the painting of Cable's eye and in doing some testing with Cable's arms.  Really these two issues are the only negatives of this figure.



Walker Wednesday

Episode 5:13 "Forget" 


House party anyone? 


*by continuing to read on you willingly know you may read something that might spoil your Walking Day episode 513 eperience if you have not watched it yet*

This episode found out group in a peculiar situation, one that may be more uncomfortable then surround by a group of walkers. This episodes central theme was a house party that Deanna was throwing for the group. The people of Alexandria have had the luxury of not really experiencing what is going on beyond the saftey the walls of Alexandria provide. This is evident by the party that is being thrown for our group. 


Our group struggles with the idea of attending a party, when just a few days prior they were held up in a barn pushing back a door keeping walkers away during a tornado. Now drinks, snacks and lively conversation with the neighbor folk? Sasha seems to be the only one holding on to life outside and is struggling more than Daryl to accept Alexandria and Sasha lets that be known during her Party Pooper meltdown. Speaking of Sasha and Daryl we may have a potential job for Sasha which is being on look out duty and Daryl was officially asked to be a recruiter with Aaron. Also, can you say Bro-mance? You'll see what I mean, spaghetti and a motorcycle? Watch out ladies Aaron is laying it on thick.

Carol officially became more awesome this episode during her talk with a young kid who followed her into the gun supply. Ill save this for you to see because it was the best part of the episode and writing about it does no justice. Let's just say I'd take the cookies.  

It's also official that Rick wants to get down on some Jesse. He proves it with one of the most awkward cheek kisses in probably TV history. Plus he almost gunned down #porchdick on the streets of Alexandria. If you don't know who that is you need to watch Talking Dead because #porchdick was trending.  

So what did you guys think? How about that snazy party?  Anybody else tired of Sasha? Do you like Daryl's new job? Let me know what you think and comment below now!



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Game of the Week: Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a mobile app that allows users to compete against friends and people around the world. Modeled after popular games such as Trivial Pursuit, it became the most downloaded game in December 2014 from the Apple App store. The game initially launched on October 26, 2013 specifically to Latin America, until it had eventually been translated into English.

The game is developed by the company Etermax, whose offices are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is available as an app on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Facebook, or the Amazon App Store. As of December 2014, the game is available in 10 different languages.



If you haven't heard of this game you have most likely been living under a rock for the last several months. This game has literally made gamers out of some of my family members that were not gamers by any means. This game has turned my mother as well as my uncle into gamers. Granted its a Trivia game but a game none the less.  

As a player you can challenge your either a random person to play against or one of your Facebook friends after linking Trivia Crack to your account. During the game you have to answer 3 questions in order to receive a crown. Questions vary between 6 categories: History, Geography, Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Science. Answer 3 trivia questions correctly and you get a chance to answer one question in a category of your choosing to win that crown. Or you can challenge you opponent for their crown by answering 6 questions. Whoever answers the most questions wins. The object of the game is to get all 6 crowns before you opponent does.  



- Free: you can pay for an ad-free experience but isn't needed

- Addicting: once you get in a rhythm you don't want to put your phone down

- Simple: games with a simple concept are the most fun and addicting

- Social: playing and beating your friends, no better pleasure


- Lives: if you have a bunch of friends trying to play you may have to wait for more lives

- Timeframe: you have 2 days to play your turn. Sometimes its frustrating to wait

- Geography & History Questions: I only want Sports & Entertainment questions! 


I would reccommend this game to anyone with a mobile device. It's something that is easy to play on the go or when just relaxing. However be warned it's highly addicting! 

Thanks for checcking out my brief review hope you enjoy Trivia Crack like I do. 



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Redbox Rental of the Week: Dracula Untold


At the turn of the century, the young lord Vlad and his family live a peaceful life ruling over their small kingdom, but when a Turk warlord demands from Vlad a thousand boys and his son to create an army Vlad seeks a terrible power that will allow him to protect his kingdom and family from the Turks at a terrible cost. -IMDb

Luke Evans plays the role of Vlad the Impaler in this story of Dracula and doesn't mess around getting us right to the vampire action. Following Vlad and a group of men scout a cave containing the vampire and he easily takes out the group, except for Vlad of course.

A couple of scenes later you see Vlad hosting a party where a group of Turks interupt and demand Vlad to hand over 1000 boys to replenish their army, including Vlads son. Vlad goes to meet with Mehmed the leader of the Turks to plea with them to take him instead of the kids and his son. Since an accordance could not be struck you find Vlad approached by a group of Turks looking to take his son. This was the first of several scenes where Vlad goes HAM on some Turks and this was pre-dracula his attacking ability only enhances. 

The only way to save his family is to become that which men fear, a monster. Vlad confronts the vampire from the cave and consumes his blood. This gives Vlad 3 days to be what men fear and will turn back to his normal self, unless he is unable to fight the urge to feed. If this happens his felt is sealed as a vampire for eternity. 

Watching Vlad with his powers attacking thousands of Turks at a time makes this movie a must see. I give it a 4 out of 5 and highly recommend it! 



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All New Hawkeye #1: Review



Debuting in comic shops this week is the “All New Hawkeye” Issue 1.  I hear you asking now, what about “Hawkeye” 22?  Well that's a good question that I don't have an answer for.  I know personally I loved the Hawkeye series that was brought to us by Matt Fraction.  It was really great and yet here we are starting with Hawkeye all over again.  Oh Marvel, what are you doing to us?  

I thought I'd do a review of “Hawkeye” since we just got the third and probably final trailer for “The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.”  I don't think I'm alone here, but shut up and take my money, and why isn't it May yet?  

This series seems to be the spiritual successor to Matt Fraction's series.  For me, this first issue was just as enjoyable as Hawkeye 22.  The sarcastic humor wasn't quite the same, but there definitely was humor in this issue.  Not the kind of humor that makes you laugh out loud, but certainly a smiling to yourself kind of funny, at least that was my experience.  Considering the side story and the end, the subject matter was relatively light.  Clint Barton and Katie Bishop are fighting their way through a Hydra base for S.H.I.E.L.D.  They are searching for secret weapons that were supposed to be located on the base. However, they aren't too happy with their mission since they aren't able to find the weapons.

In between the action, we get an origin story of sorts.  We are given a picture of a young Clint and Barney Barton in their foster home in Iowa...score one for my home state!  The art displayed during these flashbacks is done quite well.  It really feels as though you are watching a flashback scene from a movie and it's like a dreamlike sequence to these scenes.  Later in the issue, a bloody red coloring is used to symbolize the child abuse taking place inside of the house.  For me, as a father, I thought this was a really great way to show the brutality without actually depicting a child being beaten.  

In the “now” panels, you get the same type of art that would be familiar to anyone who was a fan of the earlier “Hawkeye” series.  This art was well done and it really pulls the reader into the actions.  The colors are very vivid and the attention to detail is spectacular.  


Some people might be hesitant to pick this up, especially those who loved Fraction's series.  I have to admit that I was pretty unsure about getting this, but you won't disappointed if you take a chance and get it. I have to say that this issue was a lot of fun and I'll definitely be picking issue number two up in April.


Posted by: Jeff @jeff201

Game of the Week: Flop Rocket


You will probably remember that last week we posted about Butterscotch Shenanigans and their recent release Flop Rocket. Since hitting the iTunes Store its been a top game and for very good reason.  

For starters BS (Butterscotch Shenanigans) has the the coolest intro I've seen from any company. Download the game to see what I am talking about! Anyways back to the game, I've been playing on and off for the last 4 days. Getting right into it I rage quit right off the bat. Soon after I was back playing and enjoying the game. Getting coins and completing small missions to beef up your rockets abilities is a lot of fun. These small missions are what gives this game so much replay value. Let's check out the Positives and Negatives. 





- Music: The Techno up beat music is done very well

- Visuals: Coupled with the music and the game although simple is exciting

- Simple: Tap to boost, steer by sliding your thumb up and down

- Mission: These are small, short and fun which increase the replay value



- Controls are a bit wonky at first but you'll get it

- Missions: Some seem to require the Butter Up! option and hard to beat without

- Not too much negative about this game really, had to stretch to come up with those!


Overall the Butterscotch Shenanigans crew did a great job with this game and the BUTTER UP! option is definitely worth doing. I'm definitely proud of the association just being around the St. Louis area which they pay homage to in the game. Definitely go check this game out and their others, I know that I will have more Games of the Week from Butterscotch Gaming.  



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Lorne's Funko POP! Haul

Lorne here! Your Funko Pop Vinyl extraordinaire. I've got another haul for you this week!



Everything came from eBay! I can always find any Pop I want, at a great price! (You're welcome eBay for the plug!) Anyway, this week I had 6 Funko's come in.

1. Mystery mini - Bloody 'Merle Dixon' from The Walking Dead
2. 'Sullivan' from Monsters University
3. 'Baymax' from Big Hero 6
4. Baby 'Groot' from Guardians Of The Galaxy (great movie)
5. 'Wreck-It-Ralph'
6. 'Crush' from Finding Memo

I'm so excited for this week's haul! Obviously because it expands my Funko collection, but as usual, I'm in love with their detail!

For example- Merle Dixon's bloody clothes and the knife attached to his arm, just like in the show! Sullivan with his 'Oozma Kappa' sweater on (no one liked the snobs from his competing fraternity, Roar Omega Roar anyway!). Also, how adorable is Groot is in his little flower pot?! You know, if it wasn't for Rocket Raccoon, we may not have gotten to see him this cute! Plus, Dancing Groot is a 'bobbleheads'. Everyone knows how I feel about bobbleheads, if you read my past posts. (However, I think it's fitting since he is supposed to dance!)

One of my favorites, Baymax! While he doesn't look like it, he is actually the LARGEST of the group. If anyone dares to question that Baymax isn't the cutest character ever made (and deserves to be a part of everyone's Funko collection) then we may have to duel....Not really....Ok, we still might!!! In the meantime, can someone put a smile on Ralph's face?! :) 

The funniest Funko of this haul definitely has to be 'Crush'. Now, if you are following me on Instagram, then you'll know I recently held a "500 Followers Giveaway". Once I hit 500 followers, I was going to giveaway a 'Crush' Funko. (We DO finally have a winner!) Please follow me if you want to be a part of future giveaways! Now, back to what I was saying....I thought the 'Crush' character was really adorable, so I ended up buying 2! One for me & one for the giveaway. What can I say, I was all like, whoa! And you were like, whoa! (Hopefully you get the reference I just made...)

Thank you guys for reading my review on my Funko haul this week! As always, make sure you continue following the site for most posts, reviews, giveaways, etc... & You can follow me on Instagram @lorneondrums

We will see you on the next one!


Suiciders #1 Review

Vertigo's “Suiciders” starts off in an interesting way.  The main character, The Saint, knelt before a large statue of the scourged Jesus on the cross.  “Suiciders” is a comic series that occurs in a dystopian society, thirty years after the “big one” hit Los Angeles.  Los Angeles is now known as New Angeles and is separated by a large wall keeping half of the remaining living population out.



The story revolves around the character “The Saint” who participates in a blood sport like show that is known as “Suiciders.”   Just like the other participants, The Saint is surgically enhanced and on performance enhacing drugs.  In addition to having to face each other, the coliseum where “Suiciders” takes place is filled with additional weapons and obstacles that serve to increase the level of danger faced by the participants.  In this first issue, we don't get much a feel for the character of The Saint, other than the fact that he doesn't exactly live up to his name.  At least, his opinion of the people on the other side of the wall certainly wouldn't win him any humanity awards.

The other half of this issue revolves around the smuggling of people from the other side of the wall into New Angeles, and the two police officers patrolling the wall.  It is here that the reader gets a sense of the motivation for deciding who would stay beyond the wall. The exact thought process is pretty nebulous, so it's hard to say without any confidence how they make these decisions, but I think that seeing more during the duration of this series will help to reveal why people are on either side of the wall. Based upon what I've seen so far, the make-up of New Angeles seems to be upper class individuals, while those beyond the wall are the less fortunate.  It's unknown at this point if the smugglers are going to be in the story more often, or they are only here to show us the underside of this society.

I liked the story so far and I'm definitely curious to see where this goes and what happens with The Saint.  I also want to see more of New Angeles and what society is really like after the “big one.”  This issue was laid out well and leaves the reader wanting to know more.  Hopefully the story keeps evolving and we discover more about how this society really operates.  Learning a little more about The Saint's background and motivations will help keep the story moving as well, since that is one thing that readers are left questioning.  My impression of this character is that he enjoys what he does, but beyond his interactions with other characters, I can't really say that as readers we don't learn much about him.


Lee Bermejo, who wrote this issue, was also the artist and truly did a wonderful job on the artwork.  It's dark and shadowy, which really enhances the darker theme of the issue.  The action scenes are good even if they are limited in their display.  The violence is intense and extremely graphic and this series is definitely not for little kids or those opposed to violence. But, you'd think that the title “Suiciders” would dissuade those who don't want to read about violence in the first place.  

Overall this isn't on my must pick up list.  I'll definitely pick up the next few issues to see where this goes and it really wasn't bad at all.  I enjoyed it the issue because the writing was good and the art was great.  Overall though, this just didn't grab me completely.


Posted by: Jeff @jeff201

Walker Wednesday

The Distance


So what did you all think of Episode 511: The Distance?

Overall I felt it was just ok. 

The group struggles with Aaron's proposition to join him and his people. Rick I feel does a lot of overthinking in this episode that puts the group at risk almost costing them his, Michonne, Glenn and Aarons lives. 

Putting myself in his shoes I completely understand his decision and Carol even lets him know this at the end of the episode by saying, "Even though you were wrong, you were right." Everybody knows that all of his overthinking was to protect his family and I don't mean just Carl and Judith, but everyone in the group. 

One of the biggest question marks or eyebrows being raised from the episode that was left unanswered was where is the picture of you people? Aaron comes up with a shakey at best story that the film developed but came out bad which lead to the 3 questions. How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?  

How about Glenn's driving through the walker highway from hell? This scene was pretty crazy and again one that could have been avoided. During the panic to get back to the group following a signal flare Aaron steps up with Glenn to help save both Rick and Michonne. From there they find the group and another new cast member, Eric. The episode ends with the group staring down the gate to Alexandria

What do you think of Aaron and Eric? Is this Alexandria really safe? Can the group trust these people? 

Find out more of our thoughts from this episode with a more in depth review/discussion on our podcast at the footer of the page. 


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Introducing... Bloxels

It's a video game building system. Using building blocks, a game board, and the free B.R.A.V.E. Squad mobile app, you can create, play and share video games. 


What is Bloxels? 

Compatible with iOS, Android and Kindle devices, Bloxels is a build-and-play game based on similar technology to our popular Floors and Adventure Time: Game Wizard apps. But with Bloxels, instead of drawing glyphs, players use colored building blocks to represent gameplay objects. 

Available Holidays 2015

Pre-Order Coming Soon 


We at are looking forward to getting and reviewing Bloxels for you all and supporting local companies like Pixel Press. As you can see by the video this should be an easy way for people of all ages to enjoy playing games together. 


Some information about Pixel Press:

Pixel Press, a company located out of St. Louis Missouri started with a small brainstorm project that got backed on Kickstarter raising over $109,000. The game was Pixel Press Floors where the user draws out his level and it is transfered to your tablet to play the level you created. Floors has generated over 100K original games and 500k game plays. 

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

A washed up actor, who once played an iconic superhero, battles his ego and attempts to recover his family, his career and himself in the days leading up to the opening of a Broadway play. -IMDB

This movie is filled with huge name actors and actresses:

Michael Keaton

Zach Galifianakis

Edward Norton

Andrea Riseborough

Emma Stone

It's apparent from the get go that Riggan played by Michael Keaton is struggling with trying to find himself as an actor, writer and director. What Riggan struggles with is trying to live up to Birdman a comic book superhero role he played 20 years prior.

Throughout the movie Riggan battles the loss of the supporting man in his play due to his actions. Looking to replace that role with Mike played by Edward Norton who Riggan feels threatened by due to his acting process. Along with struggling with his career his personal life seems a mess. His daughter Sam, played by Emma Stone, is a recovering addict that he hired to work for him and is falling for Mike. Plus an actress he has worked with the past couple of years may be pregnant with his child. Along with everything else Riggan catches himself battling Birdman with numerous inner monologues in scenes that catch you wondering what is going on here. 

How does Riggan recapture his glory days? Maybe a brief walkabout in Times Square in only your underwear perhaps? Maybe he decides to make Birdman 4? Or maybe his play goes off better than he anticipates? 

This was a crazy interesting movie! First I would say this movie is very intimant and its clear by how this movie was filmed. Scenes with deep character emotion and dialogue the camera pulls in for an up close and personal shot. I give this movie a 4.5 out of 5 and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. I am now a fan of Michael Keaton as Batman as well as Birdman!



I also wanted to take a moment and give a shoutout to @fletch_art one of the people I follow on instagram. He recommended this movie to me. So make sure to go and show him some love and give him some "likes" and a "follow" right meow! Thanks again @fletch_art! 


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