Victori Belle @ Mighty Con Milwaukee!!!

Wow... it's 2017 Con Season already and like the good little cosplayer I am...I'm not ready costume wise!!! AHHHHH~! Procrastination is not my friend. 

But doesn't matter there are Cons to go to and people to see! My first Con of 2017 just occurred last weekend... Mighty Con Milwaukee! Ok, so going into this Con there were a lot of negative things being thrown around because Mighty Con had to change their venue. They moved to the Wisconsin Fair Grounds... which is bigger and better... but had to charge people for parking. ($6... not to bad.) But people around the community were in an uproar on FB making me think that no one would be at this convention. Boy was I WRONG~! 

Upwards to 2,000 people visited Mighty Con Milwaukee last weekend making it one of the most successful Mighty Cons EVER! So many venders got the opportunity to join in the action too because of the larger space! Everyone was here to have a good time and being a one day convention everyone was also in the mood to buy! My booth with Deadgar Winter, from Deadgar's Dark Coffin Classics had a run in with security... Deadgar brought out his inner wrestler and decided to do a chair fight instead of a sword fight with someone... not recommended at conventions. 😅

I'm so glad Randy Beasley and his team were able to pull off a move and make it a success... this is gearing me up for all the rest of the Mighty Cons this year. People know it's an affordable show with great venders and so they are coming to support it. Good job guys! 

Cosplay wise I was able to see some unique kids costumes! My all-time favorite was a little girl who wasn't just Wonder Woman... but Wonder Woman driving her invisible jet! 😆 Loved it so much. People were able to even insert themselves into the world of their Cosplay at this con thanks to the vender Foto-Con. ( Photographer Joe Oleksy takes photos on a green screen of Cosplayers and then throws in their favorite background and bam! Your cosplay comes to life. He even prints the photos out on the spot! 

Cartoonist Jeff Balke was also there with one of his amazing animators! He always puts on a great show with his drawings and amazing booths. I can't wait to meet more venders at the next Mighty Con... which is February 25th at DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton,IL.  (I might not make it but you should try to!)

Can't wait to share more crazy con stories with everyone experiencing NerdLife~! Hope to see you at a Convention in the future.. until then!

Victori Belle <3