Mighty Con Photo Shoot-- POW~!

Hey guys!

In celebration to getting 1K followers on Facebook and Instagram I let my supporters choose my next photoshoot... Facebook choose the one and only Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach... but Instagram spoke for Wonder Woman... so Foto-Con and I decided we need to do both! Wonder Woman got her chance first ;)

So everyone tries to make the most of their time right... so knowing I was going to be in the heart of Madison for Mighty Con I planned to be Wonder Woman to take some amazing shots after the show! Madison's State Capital Building is gorgeous... and a dead ringer for Washington DC... if you just mess with angles a bit. If you reside in the midwest I would recommend this as a great spot for a quick photo shoot! ;)

Foto-Con owner Joseph Oleksy and I braved the 40 degrees weather for an hour to get some new shots of the Amazonian Princess. I am sad to say I didn't get to do the classic poses I did last time. This shoot was to bring a new look to Diana Prince. The idea was she has been in DC now for a while and is starting to get bored... so she messes around while also guarding the most prestigious buildings in DC. Having some fun on guard is something I believe Wonder Woman would take advantage of... but also making sure the public isn't seeing too much of her goofy side.

For me, I love location shoots! Madison had a bunch of different banisters and different rocks to climb on... my photographer says next time he is filming the ridiculous things I do in order to attempt to get a cool shot haha (key word is attempt..) I really wanted to climb a tree.. but I got to say, gladiator sandals don't have enough grip for that... note to fellow cosplayers maybe bring tennis shoes to climb trees. I think we are going to get some different looks from Wonder Woman this time and I hope that you guys like them... again they are different. Wonder Woman is my favorite comic book character and getting to pretend to be her at cons is a dream! Thanks for all the support throughout these months and I can't wait to show you more!



Victori Belle