Introducing... Bloxels

It's a video game building system. Using building blocks, a game board, and the free B.R.A.V.E. Squad mobile app, you can create, play and share video games. 


What is Bloxels? 

Compatible with iOS, Android and Kindle devices, Bloxels is a build-and-play game based on similar technology to our popular Floors and Adventure Time: Game Wizard apps. But with Bloxels, instead of drawing glyphs, players use colored building blocks to represent gameplay objects. 

Available Holidays 2015

Pre-Order Coming Soon 


We at are looking forward to getting and reviewing Bloxels for you all and supporting local companies like Pixel Press. As you can see by the video this should be an easy way for people of all ages to enjoy playing games together. 


Some information about Pixel Press:

Pixel Press, a company located out of St. Louis Missouri started with a small brainstorm project that got backed on Kickstarter raising over $109,000. The game was Pixel Press Floors where the user draws out his level and it is transfered to your tablet to play the level you created. Floors has generated over 100K original games and 500k game plays.