Game of the Week: Flop Rocket


You will probably remember that last week we posted about Butterscotch Shenanigans and their recent release Flop Rocket. Since hitting the iTunes Store its been a top game and for very good reason.  

For starters BS (Butterscotch Shenanigans) has the the coolest intro I've seen from any company. Download the game to see what I am talking about! Anyways back to the game, I've been playing on and off for the last 4 days. Getting right into it I rage quit right off the bat. Soon after I was back playing and enjoying the game. Getting coins and completing small missions to beef up your rockets abilities is a lot of fun. These small missions are what gives this game so much replay value. Let's check out the Positives and Negatives. 





- Music: The Techno up beat music is done very well

- Visuals: Coupled with the music and the game although simple is exciting

- Simple: Tap to boost, steer by sliding your thumb up and down

- Mission: These are small, short and fun which increase the replay value



- Controls are a bit wonky at first but you'll get it

- Missions: Some seem to require the Butter Up! option and hard to beat without

- Not too much negative about this game really, had to stretch to come up with those!


Overall the Butterscotch Shenanigans crew did a great job with this game and the BUTTER UP! option is definitely worth doing. I'm definitely proud of the association just being around the St. Louis area which they pay homage to in the game. Definitely go check this game out and their others, I know that I will have more Games of the Week from Butterscotch Gaming.  



Posted by: Joe