Walker Wednesday

The Distance


So what did you all think of Episode 511: The Distance?

Overall I felt it was just ok. 

The group struggles with Aaron's proposition to join him and his people. Rick I feel does a lot of overthinking in this episode that puts the group at risk almost costing them his, Michonne, Glenn and Aarons lives. 

Putting myself in his shoes I completely understand his decision and Carol even lets him know this at the end of the episode by saying, "Even though you were wrong, you were right." Everybody knows that all of his overthinking was to protect his family and I don't mean just Carl and Judith, but everyone in the group. 

One of the biggest question marks or eyebrows being raised from the episode that was left unanswered was where is the picture of you people? Aaron comes up with a shakey at best story that the film developed but came out bad which lead to the 3 questions. How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?  

How about Glenn's driving through the walker highway from hell? This scene was pretty crazy and again one that could have been avoided. During the panic to get back to the group following a signal flare Aaron steps up with Glenn to help save both Rick and Michonne. From there they find the group and another new cast member, Eric. The episode ends with the group staring down the gate to Alexandria

What do you think of Aaron and Eric? Is this Alexandria really safe? Can the group trust these people? 

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Posted by: Joe @thee.social.nerd