Walker Wednesday

Episode 5:13 "Forget" 


House party anyone? 


*by continuing to read on you willingly know you may read something that might spoil your Walking Day episode 513 eperience if you have not watched it yet*

This episode found out group in a peculiar situation, one that may be more uncomfortable then surround by a group of walkers. This episodes central theme was a house party that Deanna was throwing for the group. The people of Alexandria have had the luxury of not really experiencing what is going on beyond the saftey the walls of Alexandria provide. This is evident by the party that is being thrown for our group. 


Our group struggles with the idea of attending a party, when just a few days prior they were held up in a barn pushing back a door keeping walkers away during a tornado. Now drinks, snacks and lively conversation with the neighbor folk? Sasha seems to be the only one holding on to life outside and is struggling more than Daryl to accept Alexandria and Sasha lets that be known during her Party Pooper meltdown. Speaking of Sasha and Daryl we may have a potential job for Sasha which is being on look out duty and Daryl was officially asked to be a recruiter with Aaron. Also, can you say Bro-mance? You'll see what I mean, spaghetti and a motorcycle? Watch out ladies Aaron is laying it on thick.

Carol officially became more awesome this episode during her talk with a young kid who followed her into the gun supply. Ill save this for you to see because it was the best part of the episode and writing about it does no justice. Let's just say I'd take the cookies.  

It's also official that Rick wants to get down on some Jesse. He proves it with one of the most awkward cheek kisses in probably TV history. Plus he almost gunned down #porchdick on the streets of Alexandria. If you don't know who that is you need to watch Talking Dead because #porchdick was trending.  

So what did you guys think? How about that snazy party?  Anybody else tired of Sasha? Do you like Daryl's new job? Let me know what you think and comment below now!



Posted by: Joe @thee.social.nerd