Minigore 2: Zombies | JUST BLASTIN' ZOMBIES!!!!!

Minigore 2: Zombies

Category: Games
Size: 139 MB
Seller: Mountain Sheep

I've had Minigore 2: Zombies for a little while now because every once in a while I get the itch to kill some zombies! This game is a lot of fun and for me the most entertaining part about this game is seeing the bosses they came up with. From Zombies to giant skeletons, pigs and other hilariously entertaining creature to destroy! Check out the Positives & Negatives below the slideshow!

- Gameplay, easy to pick up and play!
- Replay value is very high for me mainly in part to the simple gameplay
- $1.99, this gets you the game and you don't have to pay for more unless you want to
- Graphics, beautiful battle area's and a ton of disgustingly cute sprites

- $1.99 to get the game and extra charges for more in game advancements
- Not everyone can enjoy this game, have to be 17 or older to download due to adult content

Final Thoughts: It's definitely worth the $2 bucks and as far as any in game purchases they aren't necessary and takes some fun out of it. So go and check it out and let me know what you think!

Have you played this game before? What are your thoughts?


Game of the Week | Riptide GP Renegade

Riptide GP Renegade

Developer: Vector Unit

Publisher: Vector Unit

Size: 105.4 MB

Release Date: 2016

Genre: Racing

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Xbox One, PS4, Windows 10

Riptide GP Renegade was made by the same company that made Hydro Thunder which means you can expect some great graphics and game play. I picked up this game for iOS for i believe $2.99 and it was definitely worth the small price tag. I didn't know anything about it prior to buying it but had recently watched an episode of Game Sack on YouTube where Joe and Dave were talking about Wave Race 64 and I had to find something similar to play on my phone!

This definitely filled a gap for me. The fast pace racing and deep tricks arsenal made this game a lot of fun to play. It does have a bit of a story as well which involves you and an arch rival and your revenge by beating your rival in a series of races. In the end the story is definitely an after thought. The meat and potatoes is all in the racing. Check out my Positives & Negatives below.



- Great Graphics! I caught myself thinking I was gaming on a PS Vita with the graphic on my iPhone 6s Plus

- Gameplay: easy to learn and easy to play

- Extensive story line: which gave me several hours of game play.

- Game modes: there is more than just racing a big aspect of the game is doing tricks as well.



- There was an upfront cost of $2.99 but other than that you don't have to spend another dime.

- The Story... was silly but bareable.




What do you think? Have you tried this game yet? 

Game of the Week | Stack


Developer:  Ketchap

Publisher:  Ketchap

Size:  54.7MB

Release Date:  February 17th 2016


Stack is one of those simple yet frustrating games, kind of like Flappy Bird was that makes you want to throw your phone through the wall! All you do is stack the blocks up and up and up they go to get to your highest total! The goal is simply get as many blocks as you can then keep on playing this addictive game til you beat your previous high score! Below are a few of the Positives & Negatives about the game.




- F2P and the only thing I've noticed is a few ads, so it's actually Free! 

- Quick and easy gameplay, need to fill a 5 minute void? This will do the trick.


- You can only stack so much before you move on to something else

- Hole in my wall due to stacking frustration


So what do you think? What's your high score in Stack? 






Game of the Week | Battle Run

Battle Run

Developer: Game Hive Corporation

Publisher: Game Hive Corporation

Size: 77.7 MB

Genre: Racing

Release Date: August 8th, 2013


So this game has been out for a few years. In fact it was in 2013 that I went on a road trip to South Carolina with a group of friends and we literally played this game during the entire stay! I just recently picked it back up again to find my "Molly" character still there in full mustache glory! 

How can I describe this game... easy, it's like a Mario Kart Racer. Each race pits you against others around the world currently playing the game and requires you to complete a straight line race. No laps, No Karts, just a straight forward running game with obstacles and power ups along the way. Also, during each race you have the opportunity to collect stars and when you collect enough you can activate your mount. Each mount is different and this is where most of the Pay to Play comes into play. You can purchase Legendary eggs to hatch and get rare mounts. 

Here are some of items available for purchase: Hats, Accessories, Clothes, Mounts, Trails & Characters



- Free to Play. You can literally play this game as much as you want without spending a dime.

- Gameplay. Fast games, I'd say less than a minute per race, which makes for easy and fun games.

- Graphics. It may not be for everyone but I enjoy the cartoonish characters especially Molly and Spoon!



- Free to Play. Pay to Play. You get the idea.

- Lag/Freezing. This doesn't happen all the time and its hardly noticeable but when it happens seemingly for no reason its quite frustrating.


So what do you think? How do you like Battle Run?

Let me know in the comments below!

Micro Talk #4 | Crashlands

We didn’t have to look far to find the topic of GOTG Micro 4: St. Louis’ own, Crashlands from developer Butterscotch Shenanigans. Ryan Dampf from Living the Nerd Life is back again to speak to this interesting take on the open world crafting genre. Be sure to listen to our last Micro episode on Don’t Starve too, as there is a lot of comparing and contrasting on display for these games. 

Show Notes:

Butterscotch Shenanigans has their own podcast if you’re interested in hearing more from the devs themselves. 

Mobile Game of the Week | Summoner's War

So I started playing this game a while ago thanks to the ad above however I stopped playing just as quick as I started. Not sure why but gameplay wasn't exactly my cup of tea. Recently a co-worker mentioned he played and I checked out his floating palace in the sky and saw all of his awesome characters and I knew I had to give it another try. I have played maybe 3-4 weeks now and definitely ashamed I stopped playing. The downfall of playing this tho is that it is digging into my Clash of Clans time which by the way my push to Titan League sputtered out around 3380 trophies! Ha. 

Like I said Summoner's War is an addicting little game. As a matter of fact there are 3 of us at work that have been pretty active in the game the past month. This has definitely helped with staying active in the game and has helped at least me see what to look forward to in the game. His user name is _Stumpy_ he has been playing the game for quite a while and has been a big help for myself and my co-worker in guiding us through the game. Here are a few of his top monsters!

Because I'm no where near the level he is my monsters are not nearly as strong but I'm still a proud monster owner. Here are 5 of my favorite monsters that I currently have!


Anyways here are some of my Positives and Negative about the game.


- FREEmium: you can at least download it, take it on a test drive and if you don't like it no harm no foul

- Graphics: Advanced monster styling is great... one day I'll get there

- Gameplay: RTS gameplay is surprisingly fun to me especially the feature that attacks for me "set it and forget it"

- Storyline: surpised to say this but the story so far is pretty good



- FREEmium: yes its both positive and negative. Pay to win or advance more quickly is a trend in most FREEmium games and that's no different for Summoner's War

- Scrolls: most annoying thing about the game is getting a Mystical Scroll and getting a crappy monster


Do you play Summoner's War? If you do find me and add me my username is: ~ICON~

What do you think about the game?


Let me know in the comments below!


Mobile Game of the Week: RAD Boarding

Game: RAD Boarding

Seller: Noodlecake Studios Inc

Version: 1.1.1

Size: 91.2 MB

Rating: Rated 9+ for the following: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor


This past week while on vacation I was confined to mobile gaming. While I stuck with my normal Clash of Clans I also started playing RAD Boarding! RAD Boarding reminded me of an up to date Line Rider. Game play is similar however everything else about the game is brought up to date in graphics and styling! Here is what Other Ocean has to say about the games features:



Show off your smooth moves as you ride out the apocalypse in style!


Face off against Tiny the Bear, a not-so-tiny circus bear that takes satisfaction from making you perform tricks.


Perform tricks to fill up your RAD Meter and activate RAD Mode, where everything is more RAD! RAD Mode activates special power-ups including: Lava Slowdown and the Coin Magnet.


Unlock DEADLY tombstones and use them to show off your best distance in each level.


Collect and pop frogs to unlock sweet collectibles and rare loot such as new costumes and 90’s style Milk Caps. 

Let me get into what I thought about the game. Let's say my 3 plus hour flight and another 2 hour shuttle to the airport was filled with playing mobile games. Good thing I had my handy Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo with me to keep me charged up. I have a few other reviews coming thanks to my stay in Jamaica and I can't wait to go over them with you however, RAD Boarding was one that I just couldn't stop playing. Here's why. 



Gameplay - Simple is key and nothing easier than tapping / swiping your screen

Freemium - Free to play  

Graphics - Your RAD Boarder as well as the environment is very well done for such a simple game

Upgrading - Upgrading in the games keeps you boarding. From longer RAD duration to slower lava and even purchasing new levels



Freemium - You do have the ability to pay for coins to make upgrading easier and faster

Tricks - Most tricks are simple however, some tricks require swipes back or down which may be interpruted as a tap and hold causing your boarder to slow or drop into a hill

Repetitive - You can upgradee and get new levels but its the same thing over and over this isn't a terrible thing but does get tiring after a while


Not much I didn't really like about this game if you have a few minutes here and there throughout the day I would definitely recommend it to you. Let me know what you think when you do!


Have you already played RAD Boarding? What did you think of it? 


Posted by Joe

Game of the Week: Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a mobile app that allows users to compete against friends and people around the world. Modeled after popular games such as Trivial Pursuit, it became the most downloaded game in December 2014 from the Apple App store. The game initially launched on October 26, 2013 specifically to Latin America, until it had eventually been translated into English.

The game is developed by the company Etermax, whose offices are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is available as an app on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Facebook, or the Amazon App Store. As of December 2014, the game is available in 10 different languages.



If you haven't heard of this game you have most likely been living under a rock for the last several months. This game has literally made gamers out of some of my family members that were not gamers by any means. This game has turned my mother as well as my uncle into gamers. Granted its a Trivia game but a game none the less.  

As a player you can challenge your either a random person to play against or one of your Facebook friends after linking Trivia Crack to your account. During the game you have to answer 3 questions in order to receive a crown. Questions vary between 6 categories: History, Geography, Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Science. Answer 3 trivia questions correctly and you get a chance to answer one question in a category of your choosing to win that crown. Or you can challenge you opponent for their crown by answering 6 questions. Whoever answers the most questions wins. The object of the game is to get all 6 crowns before you opponent does.  



- Free: you can pay for an ad-free experience but isn't needed

- Addicting: once you get in a rhythm you don't want to put your phone down

- Simple: games with a simple concept are the most fun and addicting

- Social: playing and beating your friends, no better pleasure


- Lives: if you have a bunch of friends trying to play you may have to wait for more lives

- Timeframe: you have 2 days to play your turn. Sometimes its frustrating to wait

- Geography & History Questions: I only want Sports & Entertainment questions! 


I would reccommend this game to anyone with a mobile device. It's something that is easy to play on the go or when just relaxing. However be warned it's highly addicting! 

Thanks for checcking out my brief review hope you enjoy Trivia Crack like I do. 



Posted by: Joe

Game Review of the Week: Tap Titans (mobile)


Tap Titans by Game Hive Corp.

“The world has been devastated by massive beings known as titans. With his power sword, this hero has taken it upon himself to restore peace and order.” 

So how do you defeat these Titans? You Tap! That's it you just tap. Surprisingly enough just tapping your screen is quite a bit of fun. The characters are fun to watch as you slice and dice your way to victory. Now they don't attack back and honestly there is no real way to lose at the game. Boss fights are the same as other fights but of course they take more damage. You get 30 seconds to defeat the boss and if you lose you just go back to defeating other characters to make more gold to upgrade both your main character and the others you obtain along the way. Then you can go back anytime to try your luck at the boss fight.



- Freemium: Another free game that is pretty fun and addicting

- Game Design: Levels & Characters are both visually enticing

- Easy to Play: Key to any free game

- Game still plays while you're away  



- Freemium: in-app purchases (nothing's ever free) 

- Tap: All you do is tap thats it... over and over... 

- Ads: you can watch a 15 second ad to get more loot which isn't all that bad because they              were all Game of War ads with Kate Upton... So wait I guess its not really a negative... 

- Tap: I'm going to say this one again... all you do is tap... real fast


Other than excessive tapping this game was surprisingly a lot of fun. I caught myself playing for like 30 plus minutes at a time when I only anticipated playing for like 5 minutes. If you're looking for something fun and Free to play on either iOS and Android devices I'd recommend this game. Plus it's free so if you don't like it just delete it and forget that I ever recommended it.. ha 

What are you guys currently playing? Let me know in the comments below so I can try it out! 


Happy Tapping! 





Posted by: Joe

Game of the Week: Random Heroes (mobile)

From the creators of the award winning platform game League of Evil comes Ravenous Games' new action platformer Random Heroes!! SUMMARYA group of unlikely heroes are set out to save the world. Monsters from another dimension are trying to take over Earth. Blast your way through these invaders in this action platformer! Collect coins and upgrade your weapons and characters to become stronger, faster and more lethal!Choose your hero and save the world! FEATURES- Over 30 Levels- 15 Characters- 10 Weapons- GameCenter Achievements- Universal and retina enabled. Source

Hey everyone! Joe here again with another mobile game review this time its Random Heroes. I was on a bit of an 8-bit frenzy where I was trying to buy some more NES titles for my collection and I thought to myself I need to find an iOS game with 8-bit characters. I then stumbled upon this game.



- 8-bit graphics

- Great characters both Heroes and Aliens

- Easy to use controls  

- Challenging enough for experience plays yet easy enough for noobs



- Some controls are more dificult when changing directions  

- A few enemy characters seem to always hit you no way of avoiding it

- 8-bit graphics may not be everyones favorite

- Freemium: in-app purchases buy coins to upgrade guns and your character


Overall this game is a lot of fun. Again for those of you looking for a bit of nostalgia with this graphics and the platform gameplay this should fill your itch. Android or iOS its worth the space on your device especially with a FREE download.  


Posted by: Joe