Game of the Week: Order & Chaos Online (mobile)

Order and Chaos Online is a fantasy MMORPG video game developed by Gameloft for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices. The game was released for iOS on April 27, 2011, for Android on June 27, 2012, and for Windows Phone on July 10, 2013. The game has been noted several times for being one of the best playable fully 3D MMORPGs on a mobile platform.



I've recently got back into this game due to my itch to want to play World of Warcraft again. This game mimmicks the gameplay perfectly on your mobile device. I started playing a couple of years again and stopped once I hit level 60. Since then they increased the level cap to 70 and have added a new race. This game is a lot of fun and like I said this is just like WoW but its on the go. I currently play as a Monk level 62 but have been working on a Ranger level 33. All my toons are on the America - The Whispering Islands server if you'd like to join up for some questing! 



- Literally the best MMORPG out for mobile devices

- Gameplay: if you have played WoW this will be simple to pick up  

- 2nd "M" is for Multiplayer: there is no shortage of others to quest with

- Freemium: When I first started playing this game it was $6.99 but is now F2P (free to play) 



- Freemium: Since making the switch to premium Gameloft pushes In-App purchases now

- Some of the other players can be a-holes but thats with any game played with others

- Guilds: Leveling up and running end-game content is hard without one




Here is some more info about the game: 



The game has three playable factions:

Order: This faction is viewed as the Good for the world in Order & Chaos Online. If a player creates a character for the Order, Either Humans or Elf, He/She will begin in the Arcadian Forest.

Chaos: This faction is viewed as the Evil for the world in Order & Chaos Online. If a player creates a character for the Chaos, Either Orc or Undead, He/She will begin in the Tanned Land.

Neutral: The new Mendel class has been recently added, in which he or she will start off in the Mendel Village.

Races of Order

Human: Race Description - Humans always look to the horizon. They chase power and want to change the world, whether for good or for ill. Their settlements are among the brightest lights in a dark and untamed world. Humans constantly seek to explore new lands.

Elf: Race Description - An ancient race with strong ties to the forest, Elves have a detached view of the world. They often have difficulty believing that events in the world have much importance to them, for they consider consequences in terms of centuries.

Races of Chaos

Orc: Race Description - Orcs love close combat and plunge furiously into the thick of battle, giving no thought to retreat or surrender. People think they are savage, bloodthirsty marauders, but pride and hero worship course deep in the blood beneath their green skin.

Undead: Race Description - The Undead have journeyed to the end of night. Some have found wisdom, and others only sorrow. A selfish and cunning race, they have all the time in the world to pursue their dreams... Until they become nightmares.


New Races

Mendels: Race Description - This race are presented in the recent 2.0 update. Mendels start their game in the Mendel City. Users who want to play with Mendels can also get in battle with some unique mounts.



Both of the factions contain the same playable Classes which are Warrior, Monk, Mage and Ranger. Depending on the race chosen, the starting stats vary by a small margin, making some races more preferential than others when picking a class. This variation is only effective for the first few levels because equipment provides the most stats for a character and 1 to 5 stats point variation will have minimal influence at later levels.

Warrior: Is a DPS or Tank Class depending on the Talent Tree chosen by the player. The "Battle" Talent Tree is the players choice to become a DPS style character. "Battle" can use Dual-Wielded One-Handed Weapons or a Two-Handed Weapon. The option to use either One-Handed Weapons or a Two-Handed Weapon is up to the Player's style of play. If "Battle" is selected as primary Talent Tree, talents will include Passive and Activated Spells that will allow the Warrior to cause more Damage than a Warrior using the "Guardian" Talent Tree. The "Guardian" Talent Tree is a Tank style character. "Guardian" can use all weapons a "Battle" Warrior can but is ineffective unless using a One-Handed Weapon & Shield. If "Guardian" is selected as the primary Talent Tree, talents will include Passive and Activated Spells that will allow the Warrior to take less damage and Buff Team-Mates in and out of combat.

Monk: Is the only Healing Class in the game. Monk also has the choice to be a Melee DPS similar to that of a Paladin. The "Divine" Talent Tree is the players choice to be a Healing/Support style character. "Divine" can use Staves (Staffs), Polarms and Daggers. Generally Staves or Dagger and Heirloom in Off-Hand is preferred for best bonuses to heal and buff Team-Mates. Talents for the "Divine" Talent Tree will include Passive and Activated Spells that will improve healing abilities and the ability to Buff Team-Mates, but will lack in DPS Ability. The "Military Monk" Talent Tree is a DPS/Buff style character. If "Military Monk" is chosen as primary Talent Tree, talents will include Passive and Activated Spells that will Allow the Monk to deal more damage and buff Team-Mates, but the "Military Monk" lacks in healing capability.

Mage: Is a purely ranged DPS Class. The "Skyfire" Talent Tree is a pure Ranged DPS class that inflicts pure fire damage. If "Skyfire" is chosen as primary Talent Tree, the Player will have Passive and Activated Spells that will improve His/Her Fire damage capability but will lack using "PermaFrost" Spells. If "Permafrost" is chosen as the primary Talent Tree, the Player will have Passive and Activated Spells that improve DPS with "Permafrost" Spells. "Permafrost" Mages deal less damage but have a high level of Crowd Control spells that will slow and disable enemy targets.

Ranger: Is a DPS Class, either close combat or ranged depending on Talent Tree selected. The "Archer" Talent Tree is a Ranged DPS Class that uses Bow and Arrow or a Crossbow. If "Archer" is chosen the player will have Passive and Activated Spells that will allow them to cause Ranged DPS damage and Moderate Crowd Control, but "Archer" lacks in melee DPS. If "Assassin" (a.k.a Sin) is chosen as primary Talent Tree the player will have Passive and Activated Spells that will allow them to cause Melee DPS damage and Single Target stuns. "Assassin" Generally uses Dual-Wielded Daggers; stuns and poisons its targets rendering them useless. Also uses an increased stealth or sneak mode, but lacks in Ranged DPS.




This game is definitely worth the download. It does take up a big chunk of space but the game is MASSIVE and a lot of fun! Hope you check it out and if you do let us know about it or heck add me so I can have another O&C friend! 



Posted by: Joe

Game of the Week: Random Heroes (mobile)

From the creators of the award winning platform game League of Evil comes Ravenous Games' new action platformer Random Heroes!! SUMMARYA group of unlikely heroes are set out to save the world. Monsters from another dimension are trying to take over Earth. Blast your way through these invaders in this action platformer! Collect coins and upgrade your weapons and characters to become stronger, faster and more lethal!Choose your hero and save the world! FEATURES- Over 30 Levels- 15 Characters- 10 Weapons- GameCenter Achievements- Universal and retina enabled. Source

Hey everyone! Joe here again with another mobile game review this time its Random Heroes. I was on a bit of an 8-bit frenzy where I was trying to buy some more NES titles for my collection and I thought to myself I need to find an iOS game with 8-bit characters. I then stumbled upon this game.



- 8-bit graphics

- Great characters both Heroes and Aliens

- Easy to use controls  

- Challenging enough for experience plays yet easy enough for noobs



- Some controls are more dificult when changing directions  

- A few enemy characters seem to always hit you no way of avoiding it

- 8-bit graphics may not be everyones favorite

- Freemium: in-app purchases buy coins to upgrade guns and your character


Overall this game is a lot of fun. Again for those of you looking for a bit of nostalgia with this graphics and the platform gameplay this should fill your itch. Android or iOS its worth the space on your device especially with a FREE download.  


Posted by: Joe

Mobile Game of the Week: Smash Hit

When looking for new games to play its always simple to filter my search for Top Paid, Top Free and Top Grossing games games in the App Store. Smash Hit came up as one of the Top Free games and with over 12,000 positive reviews and I'd say 4.8 stars out of 5. 

Smash Hit is a forward scrolling game from Mediocore AB. While the game scrolls you are given a certain amount of balls which you use to smash objects that impeads your way through the level. Some objects you smash to get you through the level and others you smash to earn more balls.



- For something so simple it can be challenging

- Environments are futuristic gives off a Tron'esque vibe

- High Score progression: I both like and hate this at the same time. Like Flappy Bird I always keep playing just to try and beat both mine and my friends high score.

- FREE: The free version is all you need but there is a Premium version for $1.99 that would unlock more levels.



- Monotonous: This game is very repetitive.

- Defeat in this game is harder to swallow since you have to restart the whole game everytime you die.

- Did I say Monotonous?


Overall its a great game. Like I said for something so simple the graphics look great and the game play is smooth. I would even go out on a limb and suggest buying the Premium version of the game for $1.99 to get the full experience.


Reviewed by: Joe