Mobile Game of the Week: Smash Hit

When looking for new games to play its always simple to filter my search for Top Paid, Top Free and Top Grossing games games in the App Store. Smash Hit came up as one of the Top Free games and with over 12,000 positive reviews and I'd say 4.8 stars out of 5. 

Smash Hit is a forward scrolling game from Mediocore AB. While the game scrolls you are given a certain amount of balls which you use to smash objects that impeads your way through the level. Some objects you smash to get you through the level and others you smash to earn more balls.



- For something so simple it can be challenging

- Environments are futuristic gives off a Tron'esque vibe

- High Score progression: I both like and hate this at the same time. Like Flappy Bird I always keep playing just to try and beat both mine and my friends high score.

- FREE: The free version is all you need but there is a Premium version for $1.99 that would unlock more levels.



- Monotonous: This game is very repetitive.

- Defeat in this game is harder to swallow since you have to restart the whole game everytime you die.

- Did I say Monotonous?


Overall its a great game. Like I said for something so simple the graphics look great and the game play is smooth. I would even go out on a limb and suggest buying the Premium version of the game for $1.99 to get the full experience.


Reviewed by: Joe