Billy Bob Teeth Creator: Jonah White

This weekend at the I-70 Shoppers Fair & Family Center the star of Gags to Riches and creator of Billy Bob Teeth Jonah White will be in attendance for his book signing. 

I-70 Shoppers Fair & Family Center is located at: 

4894 North Service Rd.  St. Peter's, MO 63376


If you don't know who Jonah White is thats ok. Have you ever heard of Billy Bob Teeth? Well if you have then you now know the name of the creator of those teeth, Jonah White. He has literally built a fortune off of rubber teeth. He also has his own show reality show on the Discovery Channel called "Gags to Riches" where he is pitched all kinds of crazy ideas from inventors who are looking to get funded by Jonah White. 

Not only is Jonah going to be there but he will also have his pet wolf and potbelly pig named "Dumpling." This is a non sponsored post just one that I thought would be fun to share for those that may be around the St. Louis area. If you go let them know that you heard about it through our site!  

Take care and see you there! 


Book signings from 10am-3pm both Saturday the 24th & Sunday the 25th

For more information visit: 



Posted by: Joe