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Hi everyone! Lorne here. It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything regarding Funko related. Normally, I’m writing Funko reviews on new products that have come out. However, this time, I want to take a different approach. This is NOT a review on products. But rather, a way to take your love of Funko, meeting people, going to new and fun places and wrapping it all up in a pretty package and tying it with a bow!

One thing that I’ve recently gotten into is doing scenic pictures with Funko in the foreground (or background, depending on what you like). Now, this isn’t a new concept and I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of them in the Funko community via social media. What’s fun about it though, is that there’s a Funko for every situation! If you are an avid collector like I am (230 Funko and counting!), then you aren’t exactly limited on who to take with you to your destination! Normally, if I’m going to be out visiting several places in a day, or making a day-long trip to Disneyland, I figure out what Funko I’d find either cute, funny, or “just right” for the places I’m going.

The thing that makes it a lot more fun, is when taking the pictures and getting your fun shots, you NEVER know who you might run into. I almost always meet a Funko collector when I’m taking pictures of my characters at Disneyland. It’s so fun to meet new people via the Funko community when you’re out in everyday life and just enjoying the day. You’ll meet fun people, get into great talks about what got them into collecting, compare your Funko numbers, etc.

So, like the title says, GO!!! Add a little extra enjoyment into your daily life and take a Funko with you for the day! Take fun pictures. I guarantee you will meet people who share your love of Funko. But of course, don’t forget to post your fun Funko Scenes on social media. Get other people into doing it, meet people in your area and go on Funko adventures. You just might even meet someone who’s willing to go on a fun excursion to different malls and go Funko Hunting!

Have fun out there!!!

Avengers Age of Ultron | Funko POP Review

Hello all you Funko Fanatics! Lorne here to bring you another review on your favorite collectible since the Beanie Baby………. Except these are more awesome. Today we’re reviewing the Avengers: Age of Ultron pop vinyls. I’m an absolutely HUGE Marvel lover. I’ve been Team Iron Man for as long as I can remember, so you can imagine how quickly I was brought back to my nerdy side, and childhood for that matter, when they started making Marvel movies. Avengers: AOU is definitely my favorite of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. I’m sure there will be naysayers to that, but we aren’t here to debate movies, we’re here to talk about these awesome Pops!

Hopefully, if you’re anything like me, you have the entire set by now, including the Hulk Buster. If you don’t have the Hulk Buster from the Marvel Collector Corps, sign up ASAP and get him into the collection! The details on the Avengers are amazing. I feel Funko is starting to out-do themselves in the details. From the pictures you might not be able to tell much, but if you own them, go take a closer look. One detail I really enjoyed a lot, that I think must’ve taken some time to design, is Visions Cape. If you catch a close up look of it, it almost likes like a circuit board from a computer. I liked that effect considering how he’s an android. They definitely played into the details on this one. Even the standards, such as not forgetting Captain America’s Shield, Hawkeye’s bow and of course, Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer). Since I’ve been an Iron Man fan for many years, I’m a bit biased to think they showed him a little more attention. They didn’t just give him closed fights and a pose. Funko gave him FLIGHT! Very awesome addition to the figure itself.

Now who wants to start complaining with me? Anyone else a bit perturbed it took months to see the ladies of The Avengers get their own Pops! It felt like it took forever. I wanted the whole lineup! Luckily, we got them. Black widow wielding her batons and Scarlet Witch (no telekinetic powers included).  All the Avengers outfits are movie accurate in my eyes, even being stripped down to the minimalist details. I couldn’t be more excited how these came out.

Here’s one issue…………. WHERE IS QUIKSILVER?!?! Yes, if you collect and have been waiting, you can stop holding your breath. Quiksilver will NOT be made into a pop. If you’ve been wondering why, let me tell you this…… there is no answer as to why. Funko confirmed on their Twitter account they aren’t making one for him. WHY?! If someone has knowledge that Funko is messing with us, please let Living The Nerd Life know about this!!! There’s no reason behind it. Is it because he’s the only Avenger killed off currently? Maybe in the MCU, Quiksilver will be brought back to life with the power of the Infinity Stones and he’ll get a Pop 4 years from now? Either way, Funko, this is the first time I can say you’ve let your fans down!

Aside from the negative, all things considered, the Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron Funkos are well worth the addition to your collection. Don’t forget the movie is already out on Digital HD. It will be available on Blu Ray and DVD October 2nd. Pre-order so you don’t miss out!

Futurama POP! Vinyl Review

Who else here is a Futrama fan?! I know I am. It’s been one of my favorite cartoon series for years. Somehow, I liked it more than The Simpsons. Yes, I said it and will probably receive hate mail for it. But no matter, this isn’t about the show itself, but about the Pops! I recently added the whole line up to my collection (got them very reasonably off Ebay for anyone who’s looking for them).


These Pops almost seem the most fun out of all the ones I have. Let’s break each one of them down:

1. Fry – I think what he’s most noticed for his is hair flip in the front and his red jacket. Both details present and accounted for. However, he seems so basic. Nothing TOO special about his detail.

2. Bender – Bender is great! Oh Oh oh OH Bender is great! Admit it, you sang it because he does. I like that they gave his eyes a little attitude, as he’s always made in the funniest ways and wants to kill all humans. Plus, the beer bottle is a nice touch. If you watch the show, then you’re aware robots need alcohol to sustain life (don’t we need the same thing as humans to sustain sanity while in the work force?).

3. Leela – Not an Alien! She’s a mutant! Remember?! Anyway, has her signature white tank top, purple hair and big boots. However, just like Bender, she also has her one eye in a position that shows she’s not amused with your antics.

4. Robot Devil – One of my favorite characters. He’s supposed to be evil, yet Funko put the grin on his face. I think that’s the best feature on this one. He’s one of the happiest, evil characters I’ve ever seen!

I really love the details that go into Funko as a whole. Hopefully they do more of the Futurama characters. Frankly, I’d like aFunko Pop of Scruffy The Janitor. What do you think? Who from Futurama would YOU like to see?! Don’t forget to add me on Instagram - @lorneondrums – for more Funko fun!

Levi’s Recent POP! Acquisitions!

I’ll admit it. I have a fairly odd obsession with collecting the cute vinyl POP figures. The minimalist representations of pop culture figures are spread out throughout my house in a decorating scheme that would make Martha Stewart cringe in disgust and burn my house down. These are a few of my most recent acquisitions.


First up from my wife and I’s favorite show are my wife’s complete set of Firefly figures. Funko did a great job of capturing the essence of the rag tag crew of the Serenity. The costumes are spot on and I love the inclusion of the little props like Wash’s dinosaur, Jayne’s Vera, and Zoe’s blunderbuss. Hopefully they release the rest of the crew in another wave I would even like to have some villains like Adelai Niska, a Reaver, Saffron/Bridget/Yolanda, or the Operative as a later set.


Brian Fuller’s Hannibal has been one of my favorite television watching experiences in the past few years and my nerdy collector instinct kicked into high gear when I heard that Funko was putting out cute little totems to the franchise! The straightjacketed Will Graham is my favorite figure in the set due to the iconic originality of the design that takes a great chunk out of one of the most heart wrenching moments of the show and places it squarely on my desk. The Hannibal Lecter figure is an exemplary representation of Mads Mikkelsons character, he appropriately sits in my kitchen. The Wendigo is also amazingly eerie and rounds out the figure set by adding a dose of the strange nightmare that juxtaposes well against the fairly “normal” looking set.

Though I do love the figures in the set my main problem is that their stances do not allow them to stand up very well. Especially Hannibal and the Wendigo whose very small feet are a little too close together to balance out their giant heads.. I understand that most people don’t even take them out of their boxes but I buy most toys to take them out and display them and these ones are a little too prone to tip over.

Another issue that I have with the set is that three out of the five in the set look a little too much like non descript normal people. The Jack Crawford and basic Will Graham (Not Pictured) just look like regular people that you would see on the street and don’t have a whole lot that really makes them, for lack of a better word, “pop.” Hannibal suffers from this same problem but benefits from having a very recognizable wardrobe along with the original way in which he wields his knife.

Hannibal Lecter, hanging out in my kitchen

Hannibal Lecter, hanging out in my kitchen

Uh Oh! Love Triangle!

Uh Oh! Love Triangle!


The Ghostbusters were my favorite movies and cartoons when I was a kid and my two favorite characters were Peter Venkman and Egon Spengler. This is a really great set of figures with a lot of different variants. The Ghostbusters have some very cool and surprisingly well detailed proton packs on their back and each character is instantly recognizable.

My favorite figure is the adorable smiley Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. By far the coolest monster in the series. He stands a little larger than the average figure at 6 inches and is one of the centerpieces of my shelves of toys. For a long time I was on a search to recollect a lot of the classic Ghostbusters toys from my childhood but these POP! figures have helped put off that very expensive urge for a little while.

This series has a lot of cool variant collectible figures as well. The burnt Stay Puft, Shiny Slimer and Slimed Pete Venkman are really cool if you are willing to shell out a bit of a premium collectors price.


Attack on Titan!

The show Attack on Titan is primarily responsible for my new found love of anime and manga. When I saw this big guy in the store I couldn’t help but instantly buy him! Like the Marshmallow Man this figure stands tall at 6 inches and has a ton of detail all the down to his oddly well detailed butt cheeks. He looks really cool next to my Capsule Q Attack on Titan Figures and is probably my favorite POP figure to be realeased to date. I am super excited for the other two figures that I ordered from the set, Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman to arrive. I hope they put out even more Titans and members of the Survey Corps out in later sets!

             Mikasa and Levi can’t stop the Colossal Titan from breaching the wall!

             Mikasa and Levi can’t stop the Colossal Titan from breaching the wall!

Best Friends Forever!

Best Friends Forever!

I couldn't resist...


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Pop Ghostbusters Stay Puft Vinyl Figure 6-inch

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"The Secret Love Of Villains: A Pop Review"

Let’s face facts………. EVERYONE wants the Villain to win at some point.

Is it because you yourself are sick and twisted? Well…….. probably. But the main reason I think at some point is because we all want a change of pace. Something we aren’t expecting. Plus, Marvel made everyone like “Loki” and that’s something we now have to live with. In this review, I’m not only going to talk about my new Funko’s, but also make mention to the fact that they are all Villains and why I’m showing the villains some love on this go around.

I’m really excited about my existing, but also recently new additions, to my Funko Marvel Villains collection. If you read my Thanos review, then you already know what I love and don’t love about his Funko Pop! Vinyl. The others though really came out well. However, there’s a difference with some of the Pop’s that I’ve noticed. If you watch the Marvel movies, you know that in Guardians of the Galaxy, Ronan wielded the Power Gem (Infinity Stone) the longest, but The Collector Pop is the one carrying the Orb. I would’ve loved to see the Power Gem on Ronans figure. Same issue with Loki. As you’ve seen, the Scepter he had for the longest time contained an Infinity Stone as well, However, he was not even given the Scepter on his Pop. Lastly, they only have a Dark Elf from Thor 2: The Dark World. That would be my biggest disappointment, considering the main villain “Malekith” didn’t get a Pop. Only one of his worker drones.

Now, putting aside the negativity, Funko never short changes their Pop’s on major details. I think out of all the Pops, Loki’s helmet and Ronan’s hammer are huge details that I’m really glad they kept. I don’t see Ronan kicking ass without his hammer, just as I don’t see Loki trying to take over Earth without his glorious horns. The details in the Funko’s always leave me in “awe” knowing that even though you may not be a HUGE Marvel fan, that the details to distinguish these villains of the universe, is enough for anyone to recognize who they are……………… and yes, I consider The Collector a villain in the MCU.

Now to a point I made earlier. Why give the villains some love? Well, because they never win. They may cross the Earth, Galaxy, or Universe, but eventually, you know and understand that their demise is imminent. But play the dangerous game of switching sides. What if Loki succeeded in taking over Earth in the Avengers. Would he be right in his line in thinking that “freedom is life’s greatest lie”? What if Ultron wasn’t thwarted in his attempt at a home-made comment destroying all life? When you watch these movies, at some point, no matter how much we love our heroes, we ALL get that little inkling inside ourselves saying, “I hope that dude wins, I want something new with these movies. I want to be shocked”. Maybe the villains are also misunderstood. All the members of Guardians Of The Galaxy started off as bad guys, then turned good. Could we all be wrong about how we view villains?

What are your thoughts on villains? Do you ever root for them? Any of the Funko collectors reading have any of these villains in their collection?

Breaking Bad Funko POPS!

Hello all my nerds who are living the nerd life! I’m so excited to talk about my updated Breaking Bad Funko collection. Yes, indeed, this is another Funko review. I’m aware I may have an addiction to buying/collecting Funko’s. However, you keep reading about them. So what does that tell us? We All have problems I guess? Haha! Anyway, moving along…….


So, today I’m showing off the Breaking Bad Series of my collection. For Christmas, my big brother got me Walter White and Jesse Pinkmann as gifts as I was a big fan of the show. Since then, I’ve added to the series as well. A couple months later, adding Gus Fring and then as of recently adding Mike, Hank and of course Saul Goodman (BETTER CALL SAUL!). A little bit of a back story why I have these……….. I love the Breaking Bad Series! Actually that was a fairly short back story. Joking aside, my parents are to blame for sucking me in. I can recap exactly how this went down. My parents were just sitting down to rewatch the whole series because they followed it on TV, but now it was on Netflix. So they were going to power watch the entire series in a few weeks. They tried asking a few days prior if I wanted to join them, but declined at the time. So the night they started watching from Episode one, I had come into it about halfway through the episode and ended up getting hooked. SO they rewound the episode and started from the beginning. 2 and a half weeks later of binge watching Breaking Bad every night, we finished all 60+ episodes. What an AMAZING show. I highly suggest watching it!

(Quick Synposis: Breaking Bad is a show about a High School teacher who starts making meth with his partner who’s a previous student of his and their rise to the top of the drug world).

Anyway, back to my Funkos! Sorry for the side story / tangent. As usual, I’m always so excited about the detail. Funko has never disappointed in that aspect. The yellow hazmat suits, Saul Goodman’s unusual hair style, the half blown-off face of GusFring. I have the main characters in my line up right now. For whatever reason though, they are the only ones I can’t bring myself to remove from the box, lol. If you are a breaking bad fan, these are the collectibles you want to have around the house. If you are a Funko fan, watch breaking bad so you have an excuse to get these guys!

Thank you again so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @lorneondrums for more Funko fun! I will be starting more giveaways very soon!

get some breaking bad gear!

Funko Mystery Minis


Hello readers! So, I’m here to talk to you today about Funko, but more specifically, the Funko Mystery Minis! I absolutely love these little guys. I collect, and have way too many of them (and by too many, I actually mean, not enough!). I got into them originally because I was already collecting the standard sized Funko’s from The Walking Dead series. I had about 9 of the full sized Pop! creations. I was then turned onto the Mystery Mini versions, and it was love at first purchase. I liked the thrill of not knowing what I was getting, but then it turned into an obsession to collect them all. I actually sold my full sized Walking Dead Pops for money to purchase more of the Minis. However, my collection quickly went from Walking Dead Minis, to Marvel minis, and horror minis. Now, I have a shelf dedicated to Funko.

If you’re anything like me, you’re a true stickler on the details when it comes to collecting. You judge everything. The paint, the realism, or overall size. Let me tell you this, Mystery Minis don’t disappoint in those aspect. Currently I have over 20 Minis, and I’m loving the detail on them. From the blood splatter on the Dead/Horror characters, tattered clothing, details in the faces, etc. I will, however, go on record, to say I’m a bit disappointed with the Marvel Line. While they remain true to their Mini status with incredible detail, they lack continuity with the other lines in only ONE aspect. The Marvel line are bobble heads. If you know your Funko history, they started in 1998 by Mike Becker as a bobblehead company. It was only in 2005 that the company was sold to Brian Mariotti, and the Funko Universe expanded. They do keep true to the bobbleheads, which is great, I’m just not so sure about the Mystery Minis needing the bobbleheads.

That aside, I collect the Minis more than the standard sized Pops! Call me biased, but I like the look more, and I can collect more, and still take up less space. Plus, it’s a fun game of Russian roulette with every box you choose, because you never know what character you’ll get. If you’re a Funko lover like me, don’t overlook the Mystery Minis.

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