Funko Mystery Minis


Hello readers! So, I’m here to talk to you today about Funko, but more specifically, the Funko Mystery Minis! I absolutely love these little guys. I collect, and have way too many of them (and by too many, I actually mean, not enough!). I got into them originally because I was already collecting the standard sized Funko’s from The Walking Dead series. I had about 9 of the full sized Pop! creations. I was then turned onto the Mystery Mini versions, and it was love at first purchase. I liked the thrill of not knowing what I was getting, but then it turned into an obsession to collect them all. I actually sold my full sized Walking Dead Pops for money to purchase more of the Minis. However, my collection quickly went from Walking Dead Minis, to Marvel minis, and horror minis. Now, I have a shelf dedicated to Funko.

If you’re anything like me, you’re a true stickler on the details when it comes to collecting. You judge everything. The paint, the realism, or overall size. Let me tell you this, Mystery Minis don’t disappoint in those aspect. Currently I have over 20 Minis, and I’m loving the detail on them. From the blood splatter on the Dead/Horror characters, tattered clothing, details in the faces, etc. I will, however, go on record, to say I’m a bit disappointed with the Marvel Line. While they remain true to their Mini status with incredible detail, they lack continuity with the other lines in only ONE aspect. The Marvel line are bobble heads. If you know your Funko history, they started in 1998 by Mike Becker as a bobblehead company. It was only in 2005 that the company was sold to Brian Mariotti, and the Funko Universe expanded. They do keep true to the bobbleheads, which is great, I’m just not so sure about the Mystery Minis needing the bobbleheads.

That aside, I collect the Minis more than the standard sized Pops! Call me biased, but I like the look more, and I can collect more, and still take up less space. Plus, it’s a fun game of Russian roulette with every box you choose, because you never know what character you’ll get. If you’re a Funko lover like me, don’t overlook the Mystery Minis.

Posted by: Lorne @lorneondrums