"The Secret Love Of Villains: A Pop Review"

Let’s face facts………. EVERYONE wants the Villain to win at some point.

Is it because you yourself are sick and twisted? Well…….. probably. But the main reason I think at some point is because we all want a change of pace. Something we aren’t expecting. Plus, Marvel made everyone like “Loki” and that’s something we now have to live with. In this review, I’m not only going to talk about my new Funko’s, but also make mention to the fact that they are all Villains and why I’m showing the villains some love on this go around.

I’m really excited about my existing, but also recently new additions, to my Funko Marvel Villains collection. If you read my Thanos review, then you already know what I love and don’t love about his Funko Pop! Vinyl. The others though really came out well. However, there’s a difference with some of the Pop’s that I’ve noticed. If you watch the Marvel movies, you know that in Guardians of the Galaxy, Ronan wielded the Power Gem (Infinity Stone) the longest, but The Collector Pop is the one carrying the Orb. I would’ve loved to see the Power Gem on Ronans figure. Same issue with Loki. As you’ve seen, the Scepter he had for the longest time contained an Infinity Stone as well, However, he was not even given the Scepter on his Pop. Lastly, they only have a Dark Elf from Thor 2: The Dark World. That would be my biggest disappointment, considering the main villain “Malekith” didn’t get a Pop. Only one of his worker drones.

Now, putting aside the negativity, Funko never short changes their Pop’s on major details. I think out of all the Pops, Loki’s helmet and Ronan’s hammer are huge details that I’m really glad they kept. I don’t see Ronan kicking ass without his hammer, just as I don’t see Loki trying to take over Earth without his glorious horns. The details in the Funko’s always leave me in “awe” knowing that even though you may not be a HUGE Marvel fan, that the details to distinguish these villains of the universe, is enough for anyone to recognize who they are……………… and yes, I consider The Collector a villain in the MCU.

Now to a point I made earlier. Why give the villains some love? Well, because they never win. They may cross the Earth, Galaxy, or Universe, but eventually, you know and understand that their demise is imminent. But play the dangerous game of switching sides. What if Loki succeeded in taking over Earth in the Avengers. Would he be right in his line in thinking that “freedom is life’s greatest lie”? What if Ultron wasn’t thwarted in his attempt at a home-made comment destroying all life? When you watch these movies, at some point, no matter how much we love our heroes, we ALL get that little inkling inside ourselves saying, “I hope that dude wins, I want something new with these movies. I want to be shocked”. Maybe the villains are also misunderstood. All the members of Guardians Of The Galaxy started off as bad guys, then turned good. Could we all be wrong about how we view villains?

What are your thoughts on villains? Do you ever root for them? Any of the Funko collectors reading have any of these villains in their collection?