Avengers Age of Ultron | Funko POP Review

Hello all you Funko Fanatics! Lorne here to bring you another review on your favorite collectible since the Beanie Baby………. Except these are more awesome. Today we’re reviewing the Avengers: Age of Ultron pop vinyls. I’m an absolutely HUGE Marvel lover. I’ve been Team Iron Man for as long as I can remember, so you can imagine how quickly I was brought back to my nerdy side, and childhood for that matter, when they started making Marvel movies. Avengers: AOU is definitely my favorite of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. I’m sure there will be naysayers to that, but we aren’t here to debate movies, we’re here to talk about these awesome Pops!

Hopefully, if you’re anything like me, you have the entire set by now, including the Hulk Buster. If you don’t have the Hulk Buster from the Marvel Collector Corps, sign up ASAP and get him into the collection! The details on the Avengers are amazing. I feel Funko is starting to out-do themselves in the details. From the pictures you might not be able to tell much, but if you own them, go take a closer look. One detail I really enjoyed a lot, that I think must’ve taken some time to design, is Visions Cape. If you catch a close up look of it, it almost likes like a circuit board from a computer. I liked that effect considering how he’s an android. They definitely played into the details on this one. Even the standards, such as not forgetting Captain America’s Shield, Hawkeye’s bow and of course, Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer). Since I’ve been an Iron Man fan for many years, I’m a bit biased to think they showed him a little more attention. They didn’t just give him closed fights and a pose. Funko gave him FLIGHT! Very awesome addition to the figure itself.

Now who wants to start complaining with me? Anyone else a bit perturbed it took months to see the ladies of The Avengers get their own Pops! It felt like it took forever. I wanted the whole lineup! Luckily, we got them. Black widow wielding her batons and Scarlet Witch (no telekinetic powers included).  All the Avengers outfits are movie accurate in my eyes, even being stripped down to the minimalist details. I couldn’t be more excited how these came out.

Here’s one issue…………. WHERE IS QUIKSILVER?!?! Yes, if you collect and have been waiting, you can stop holding your breath. Quiksilver will NOT be made into a pop. If you’ve been wondering why, let me tell you this…… there is no answer as to why. Funko confirmed on their Twitter account they aren’t making one for him. WHY?! If someone has knowledge that Funko is messing with us, please let Living The Nerd Life know about this!!! There’s no reason behind it. Is it because he’s the only Avenger killed off currently? Maybe in the MCU, Quiksilver will be brought back to life with the power of the Infinity Stones and he’ll get a Pop 4 years from now? Either way, Funko, this is the first time I can say you’ve let your fans down!

Aside from the negative, all things considered, the Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron Funkos are well worth the addition to your collection. Don’t forget the movie is already out on Digital HD. It will be available on Blu Ray and DVD October 2nd. Pre-order so you don’t miss out!