Funko GO! | It's Like Pokemon GO, But More Fun!


Hi everyone! Lorne here. It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything regarding Funko related. Normally, I’m writing Funko reviews on new products that have come out. However, this time, I want to take a different approach. This is NOT a review on products. But rather, a way to take your love of Funko, meeting people, going to new and fun places and wrapping it all up in a pretty package and tying it with a bow!

One thing that I’ve recently gotten into is doing scenic pictures with Funko in the foreground (or background, depending on what you like). Now, this isn’t a new concept and I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of them in the Funko community via social media. What’s fun about it though, is that there’s a Funko for every situation! If you are an avid collector like I am (230 Funko and counting!), then you aren’t exactly limited on who to take with you to your destination! Normally, if I’m going to be out visiting several places in a day, or making a day-long trip to Disneyland, I figure out what Funko I’d find either cute, funny, or “just right” for the places I’m going.

The thing that makes it a lot more fun, is when taking the pictures and getting your fun shots, you NEVER know who you might run into. I almost always meet a Funko collector when I’m taking pictures of my characters at Disneyland. It’s so fun to meet new people via the Funko community when you’re out in everyday life and just enjoying the day. You’ll meet fun people, get into great talks about what got them into collecting, compare your Funko numbers, etc.

So, like the title says, GO!!! Add a little extra enjoyment into your daily life and take a Funko with you for the day! Take fun pictures. I guarantee you will meet people who share your love of Funko. But of course, don’t forget to post your fun Funko Scenes on social media. Get other people into doing it, meet people in your area and go on Funko adventures. You just might even meet someone who’s willing to go on a fun excursion to different malls and go Funko Hunting!

Have fun out there!!!