The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premier [SPOILERS]

Whats going on everyone? We were so excited last night we nearly pee'd our pants! Why? Because yesterday was the return of The Walking Dead! 

I will actually do my best to not share any spoilers, I put that in the title just in case some of you are whiny babies and haven't seen last nights episode yet ._. to steer them clear of what they might think are spoilers. 

To start off I must say that I think I had about 2 heart attacks and by the end of the episode I was breathing heavily into a brown paper bag. Why you ask? Well I won't spoil it for you but dear goodness there was a lot going on. Literally the closest episode to magnitude or sheer awesomeness was when Carol broke the group out of Terminus! Right? That was an awesome episode so just think about it, this one was better! 

I'll leave you with this... The group takes a stand, an important event from the comic has emerged and Eugene killed a walker! I saw it happen!

If you watched let us know what you think... if you haven't then go and watch it then let us know what you think!

Planet Comicon | Ming Chen

Star of AMC’s Comic Book Men

Ming Chen’s road to the Stash all began in 1995 when the college student, video store employee and avid Kevin Smith follower, developed a fan website based on the movie Clerks. Smith, who appreciated Chen’s work, reached out and asked him to create a website for his production company, View Askew Productions. Almost nineteen years later, not only does Chen continue to work on all of Smith’s online projects, but has also ventured into several other areas within the Kevin Smith empire, most recently hosting a weekly podcast called “I Sell Comics” with Michael Zapcic on Smith’s radio network S.I.R.: SModcast Internet Radio. Chen is not only the technical expert for The Stash, but also the perfect person to ask to do the jobs no one else wants to do. He takes it all with a smile, and is happy to be a part of the team.

During his free time, Chen does pro bono website work for two non-profit organizations: Street Poets Inc. and The Kenny Gordon Foundation. Chen has been married to his wife Debbie for 12 years and has two children, Lillian and Harrison.

The Walking Dead Season 6: New Looks At Rick Grimes & Company



Rick Grimes seems to be thinking about season 6 of The Walking Dead as much as the rest of us.

In new photos from season 6, Rick can be seen on his front porch in the Alexandria Safe-Zone, deep in thought about something. Perhaps Pete's execution? Perhaps Morgan's reaction? It could be any number of things.

Also featured are Michonne and her katana, Daryl and his bike, and Carol whipping up some weapons in the kitchen. Check them out in the gallery below.

We'll find out more about whatever is on Rick's mind when The Walking Dead returns October 11 at 9 PM EST on AMC.


The Walking Dead's Emily Kinney Joins Masters Of Sex



Emily Kinney, the down-home girl next door from AMC's The Walking Dead,will appear on the next season of Masters of Sex.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Kinney, who also made a guest appearance on The Flash last year, "will appear in a multi-episode arc as Nora. As a child, Nora was Bill and Libby Masters’ neighbor. Now in her 20s, poised and brimming with intelligence, Nora volunteers to become a sex surrogate in the next phase of Masters and Johnson’s research."

Fans have speculated that Kinney, whose ouster from The Walking Deadwas surrounded by controversy, would return for more supervillainy, especially since her character was more known in the comics for being a foe of The Atom than The Flash, and Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer will appear in DC's Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular next year.

Masters of Sex returns for its third season on Sunday, July 12, on Showtime.

Norman Reedus Says The Walking Dead Season 6 Is Particularly Complicated



Just when you thought things might get a little simpler on The Walking Dead... Wait... You probably never had that thought. And if you did, you were wrong.

The upcoming sixth season of AMC's hit series based on the Image comics series written and created by Robert Kirkman will apparently be, "particularly complicated," according to Norman Reedus who plays fan-favorite character, Daryl Dixon.

"There’s lots of action and lots of drama and lots of sadness like we always bring, but this season’s particularly complicated," Reedus told Nerdist. "The storylines are really interwoven with future and past. Certain things happen, and you’re kind of like, 'Wow, that just happened.' Then you’ll find out episodes later why that happened and what that meant. [Executive producer] Scott [Gimple]’s so good at planning for the future and taking little things and making them mean big things later. And you go, 'Oh, that’s what that means…' A real mature sort of storytelling has really taken us over right now. It’s super interesting and super thrilling."

So, The Walking Dead: Days of Future Past is certainly upon us in October. Showrunner Scott Gimple recently opened up about how the first half of season six will thicken the backstory with storytelling which could almost be considered a prequel. Pairing Gimple's words with Reedus' claim about the story becoming complicated sounds like a head scratching run of episodes is approaching.

As for what the first half of season six will explore in terms of backstory, it's likely Alexandria's roots, the Wolves, and perhaps the infamous Saviors from the comics. Not to mention, we have no idea what Morgan's journey has been like, not only on his march up the east coast but morally, which made him value all life.

We'll know more about The Walking Dead and it's sixth season this Friday after The Walking Dead takes over San Diego Comic Con's 6,500 seat Hall H. For more on that, stay tuned to!




FINALLY, we are able to officially announce that FEAR THE WALKING DEAD is the title of The Walking Dead companion series coming later this summer! You may have seen this title floating around behind the scenes earlier on but it wasn’t official until just now when Robert tweeted the following:


The companion series will premiere this summer and lead up to Season 6 of The Walking Dead. Tune into the Season 5 finale for a first look at FEAR THE WALKING DEAD!

Of course keep your eyes here for an official launch date, series logo, and more!

Walker Wednesday

Episode 5:13 "Forget" 


House party anyone? 


*by continuing to read on you willingly know you may read something that might spoil your Walking Day episode 513 eperience if you have not watched it yet*

This episode found out group in a peculiar situation, one that may be more uncomfortable then surround by a group of walkers. This episodes central theme was a house party that Deanna was throwing for the group. The people of Alexandria have had the luxury of not really experiencing what is going on beyond the saftey the walls of Alexandria provide. This is evident by the party that is being thrown for our group. 


Our group struggles with the idea of attending a party, when just a few days prior they were held up in a barn pushing back a door keeping walkers away during a tornado. Now drinks, snacks and lively conversation with the neighbor folk? Sasha seems to be the only one holding on to life outside and is struggling more than Daryl to accept Alexandria and Sasha lets that be known during her Party Pooper meltdown. Speaking of Sasha and Daryl we may have a potential job for Sasha which is being on look out duty and Daryl was officially asked to be a recruiter with Aaron. Also, can you say Bro-mance? You'll see what I mean, spaghetti and a motorcycle? Watch out ladies Aaron is laying it on thick.

Carol officially became more awesome this episode during her talk with a young kid who followed her into the gun supply. Ill save this for you to see because it was the best part of the episode and writing about it does no justice. Let's just say I'd take the cookies.  

It's also official that Rick wants to get down on some Jesse. He proves it with one of the most awkward cheek kisses in probably TV history. Plus he almost gunned down #porchdick on the streets of Alexandria. If you don't know who that is you need to watch Talking Dead because #porchdick was trending.  

So what did you guys think? How about that snazy party?  Anybody else tired of Sasha? Do you like Daryl's new job? Let me know what you think and comment below now!



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This Amazing Multi Layered Walking Dead Easter Egg Shows How Much Season 1 Is Still Influencing the Show

This article is from 



WARNING: Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead TV and comic series ahead.

Now any dedicated fan of The Walking Dead will be able to tell you how much importance is placed on the concept of time in the show. From the very beginning of the show it is something which has been brought up again and again, and now some savvy viewers have realized that the latest reference to time may have been part of an even bigger Easter Egg.


In last Sunday's episode of the show, "Remember," Deanna conducted her interview with Rick, towards the end she tells Rick he needs to decide whether or not his group will stay, saying: 

Rick, it's 3:37pm, you're skeptical, you have a right to be, but it's time to decide, if you're the one that's doing the deciding.

This was the first time in a long time we've heard the exact time mentioned aloud in the show, and as a response to Deanna's question, Rick started winding his watch to the correct time. Now this in itself was, firstly, a cool way of showing how Rick (and the gang) were rejoining the 'real world' where things like time mattered again, and secondly it was a very nice nod to Dale, our sadly deceased wise-old-man of the group who always kept his watch ticking. However, as some people over at The Spoiling Dead Fans have spotted, this small tip of the hat to Dale actually goes further than we could have first imagined.


Now, Dale was probably the first character to really make a point of time in The Walking Dead, when way back in Season 1, episode 4, "Vatos," a character named Morales asked Dale why he continued to wind his watch when it was so clearly unneeded. Dale, paraphrasing Faulkner, responded:

I like what, uh, a father said to son when he give him a watch that had been handed down through generations. He said "I give you the mausoleum of all hope and desire, which will fit your individual needs no better than it did mine or my father's before me, I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you may forget it for a moment now and then and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it."

Now aside from the quote itself being great, there's something else this Season 1 gem has given us: the titles for the last five episodes of Season 5. Check them out above in bold, you have from episode 12 "Remember" all the way to episode 16 "Conquer."


Now I know some of you might say that this is just a coincidence, but Season 5B has already provided another Dale reference when Glenn was the only one able to fix Aaron's RV back in episode 11, after Dale taught him back in Season 2. Also just last week there was a nod to Dale in the form of the actor who played the walker who killed Dale, appearing again as a walker in episode 12.

Anyway you slice it, Dale has been all over Season 5, at least in memory.

So now of course, with any Walking Dead Easter Egg you have to wonder if it means even more than what we've already worked out. Could it be hinting that someone else's time is up, or maybe something more obscure - not a character leaving, but a character returning?


Now this is just my theory, so bare with me, but if we take this reference all the way back to its root, it all started with a character names Morales asking Dale why he winds his watch. After Season 1 we never see Morales again, not because he was gruesomely devoured by a hungry walker, but because he and his family left to look for their relatives in Alabama. Nothing has been heard of from Morales since, but that's not to say that they were killed. So, perhaps instead of making it to Alabama, somehow they end up Alexandria? After all, it was speculated that the character would make his way back on screens after a cryptic tweet was sent out by Juan G. Pareja back in October (see above).

But, theories or not we still have the flesh of a few more episodes of Season 5 to sink our teeth into before we get to that all important 90 minute long finale. I cannot wait!


Again, this post and more can be found at

Walker Wednesday

The Distance


So what did you all think of Episode 511: The Distance?

Overall I felt it was just ok. 

The group struggles with Aaron's proposition to join him and his people. Rick I feel does a lot of overthinking in this episode that puts the group at risk almost costing them his, Michonne, Glenn and Aarons lives. 

Putting myself in his shoes I completely understand his decision and Carol even lets him know this at the end of the episode by saying, "Even though you were wrong, you were right." Everybody knows that all of his overthinking was to protect his family and I don't mean just Carl and Judith, but everyone in the group. 

One of the biggest question marks or eyebrows being raised from the episode that was left unanswered was where is the picture of you people? Aaron comes up with a shakey at best story that the film developed but came out bad which lead to the 3 questions. How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?  

How about Glenn's driving through the walker highway from hell? This scene was pretty crazy and again one that could have been avoided. During the panic to get back to the group following a signal flare Aaron steps up with Glenn to help save both Rick and Michonne. From there they find the group and another new cast member, Eric. The episode ends with the group staring down the gate to Alexandria

What do you think of Aaron and Eric? Is this Alexandria really safe? Can the group trust these people? 

Find out more of our thoughts from this episode with a more in depth review/discussion on our podcast at the footer of the page. 


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Walker Wednesday

We are just a few short days away from the return of The Walking Dead and couldn't be more excited. This leaves me with with a few questions not really about the show but about you, our awesome readers! 

How do you watch The Walking Dead?

- Are you someone that records it then watches it to fast forward through the commercials?

- Do you watch it by yourself with no distractions?

- Do you have viewing parties?

For myself both my wifes family and my family love The Walking Dead so our Sunday nights consist of a family potluck and of course The Walking Dead! We do a lot of predicting and speculating as to what might happen in future episodes. 

So in the comments let us know "How you watch The Walking Dead?"




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