The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premier [SPOILERS]

Whats going on everyone? We were so excited last night we nearly pee'd our pants! Why? Because yesterday was the return of The Walking Dead! 

I will actually do my best to not share any spoilers, I put that in the title just in case some of you are whiny babies and haven't seen last nights episode yet ._. to steer them clear of what they might think are spoilers. 

To start off I must say that I think I had about 2 heart attacks and by the end of the episode I was breathing heavily into a brown paper bag. Why you ask? Well I won't spoil it for you but dear goodness there was a lot going on. Literally the closest episode to magnitude or sheer awesomeness was when Carol broke the group out of Terminus! Right? That was an awesome episode so just think about it, this one was better! 

I'll leave you with this... The group takes a stand, an important event from the comic has emerged and Eugene killed a walker! I saw it happen!

If you watched let us know what you think... if you haven't then go and watch it then let us know what you think!