Hey there nerds and nerdettes! Personal space is important, no matter your marriage status or how old you are. Man caves give you the freedom to express your true selves. They give you the space to enjoy football with the guys, a relaxing pool game or pure quietness to get extra work done. The benefits are endless. But what if your interests don't lye with sports or you don't have the money for a pool table? Well, fellow nerd, have I got the article for you! Here are some of the things YOU need to show your nerd colors.

The computer is the heart and soul of your nerd room. Doesn't matter what kind you have. Just so long as you have one! Get that blog done. Play those computer games. Watch those cat videos. Whatever it is you do on that computer! Just be sure that computer background really expresses your inner nerd.

You have some special comics? Display them! Show that you're proud of those limited edition comics. Let everyone know that what you have is better than what they have! 

Action figures. Action figures. Wait for it....ACTION FIGURES!!! Those badass toys need to be out on display in their full glory. And if you still have that 1990's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in his original box...I hate you and everything you stand for.

You have a mini library? Prove it. Get some sweet looking bookends, build an awesome bookshelf or, if you're poor like me, keep them on your desk with the Hulk holding them up. As long as they're're good!


This should help you on your way to putting together that fortress of solitude every nerd is dreaming of. Do you have yours set up already? What are some cool things you have displayed in your "nerditorium"?

Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Crossover Announced



DC Comics and IDW Publishing are teaming up for a six-issue miniseries kicking off in November starring two of their biggest superhero properties: Batman and the Heroes in a Half Shell. Sure, he's fought the crocodile monster living in the sewers and mutated Man-Bats, but can he team up with the Turtles from underground, too?

In the simply titled Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, jointly published by the two companies, the TMNT and their villain Shredder get transported to an alternate universe by General Krang. Here, in Gotham City, they meet Batman and clash with a series of his famous Rogue's Gallery while attempting to find their way home. James Tynion IV will write the series, with Freddie E. Williams II on art. TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman (and others) will provide variant covers.

This is probably the closest fans will get to a "Batman/Daredevil" crossover that was teased to no fruition a few years ago at various conventions. The TMNT originally started out as a parody of Daredevil, with their origin initially stemming from the same chemical that burned a young hero's eyes, then pouring into the sewer. Where Daredevil fought the ninja clan known as the Hand, the Turtles fought the Foot clan. Daredevil was trained by Stick, the Turtles trained by Splinter.

Tynion says that the book is "a fanboy dream come true," and loves looking at "the world of Batman through new eyes" in a press release. Stay tuned for more on this crossover as it approaches its November 2015 release.

Suiciders #1 Review

Vertigo's “Suiciders” starts off in an interesting way.  The main character, The Saint, knelt before a large statue of the scourged Jesus on the cross.  “Suiciders” is a comic series that occurs in a dystopian society, thirty years after the “big one” hit Los Angeles.  Los Angeles is now known as New Angeles and is separated by a large wall keeping half of the remaining living population out.



The story revolves around the character “The Saint” who participates in a blood sport like show that is known as “Suiciders.”   Just like the other participants, The Saint is surgically enhanced and on performance enhacing drugs.  In addition to having to face each other, the coliseum where “Suiciders” takes place is filled with additional weapons and obstacles that serve to increase the level of danger faced by the participants.  In this first issue, we don't get much a feel for the character of The Saint, other than the fact that he doesn't exactly live up to his name.  At least, his opinion of the people on the other side of the wall certainly wouldn't win him any humanity awards.

The other half of this issue revolves around the smuggling of people from the other side of the wall into New Angeles, and the two police officers patrolling the wall.  It is here that the reader gets a sense of the motivation for deciding who would stay beyond the wall. The exact thought process is pretty nebulous, so it's hard to say without any confidence how they make these decisions, but I think that seeing more during the duration of this series will help to reveal why people are on either side of the wall. Based upon what I've seen so far, the make-up of New Angeles seems to be upper class individuals, while those beyond the wall are the less fortunate.  It's unknown at this point if the smugglers are going to be in the story more often, or they are only here to show us the underside of this society.

I liked the story so far and I'm definitely curious to see where this goes and what happens with The Saint.  I also want to see more of New Angeles and what society is really like after the “big one.”  This issue was laid out well and leaves the reader wanting to know more.  Hopefully the story keeps evolving and we discover more about how this society really operates.  Learning a little more about The Saint's background and motivations will help keep the story moving as well, since that is one thing that readers are left questioning.  My impression of this character is that he enjoys what he does, but beyond his interactions with other characters, I can't really say that as readers we don't learn much about him.


Lee Bermejo, who wrote this issue, was also the artist and truly did a wonderful job on the artwork.  It's dark and shadowy, which really enhances the darker theme of the issue.  The action scenes are good even if they are limited in their display.  The violence is intense and extremely graphic and this series is definitely not for little kids or those opposed to violence. But, you'd think that the title “Suiciders” would dissuade those who don't want to read about violence in the first place.  

Overall this isn't on my must pick up list.  I'll definitely pick up the next few issues to see where this goes and it really wasn't bad at all.  I enjoyed it the issue because the writing was good and the art was great.  Overall though, this just didn't grab me completely.


Posted by: Jeff @jeff201