Hey there nerds and nerdettes! Personal space is important, no matter your marriage status or how old you are. Man caves give you the freedom to express your true selves. They give you the space to enjoy football with the guys, a relaxing pool game or pure quietness to get extra work done. The benefits are endless. But what if your interests don't lye with sports or you don't have the money for a pool table? Well, fellow nerd, have I got the article for you! Here are some of the things YOU need to show your nerd colors.

The computer is the heart and soul of your nerd room. Doesn't matter what kind you have. Just so long as you have one! Get that blog done. Play those computer games. Watch those cat videos. Whatever it is you do on that computer! Just be sure that computer background really expresses your inner nerd.

You have some special comics? Display them! Show that you're proud of those limited edition comics. Let everyone know that what you have is better than what they have! 

Action figures. Action figures. Wait for it....ACTION FIGURES!!! Those badass toys need to be out on display in their full glory. And if you still have that 1990's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in his original box...I hate you and everything you stand for.

You have a mini library? Prove it. Get some sweet looking bookends, build an awesome bookshelf or, if you're poor like me, keep them on your desk with the Hulk holding them up. As long as they're're good!


This should help you on your way to putting together that fortress of solitude every nerd is dreaming of. Do you have yours set up already? What are some cool things you have displayed in your "nerditorium"?