Star Clipper is closing but not all is lost!

Everyone is St.Louis was very saddened by the news of long loved Star Clippers closing in just a few days. It would seem that all has been lost ... or has it. The Wizard's Wagon just made this announcement. 


That's right, The Wizard's Wagon is carrying comics. And to make sure we do it right, we have hired Jon Scorfina to join our management staff. For those who don't know Jon, he is currently the General Manager of Star Clipper, with years of experience serving the Loop's comic needs. As soon as he finishes his last day there he will be joining us. And he's already helping us make sure we have the comics you want.

Currently we just have a selection of Trade Paperbacks. Starting next Wednesday we will start receiving new issues.

We will be doing Pull & Holds, so if you want us to start getting you the new issues of all your favorite comics bring us your list."

This is great news for the Delmar Loop area! We are very excited that not only is The Wizard's Wagon carrying comics now but they are working with Jon Scorfina to help make the transition into comics a smooth and successful one. 

Now its time to head on down to the loop and hand over your pull list to The Wizard's Wagon!