Jump Street/Men In Black Crossover?


Chris Miller didn't rule out merging the JUMP STREET franchise with the MEN IN BLACK universe for 23 JUMP STREET after it was leaked that Sony was considering the idea, but the question is will it actually happen? It just might be crazy enough of an idea to work, and during an interview with Coming Soon, Miller again says there could be a JUMP STREET and MEN IN BLACK crossover movie. However, Miller also says he's still trying to figure things out with Sony, stars Jonah Hill andChanning Tatum, and 23 JUMP STREET screenwriter Rodney Rothman.

Well, it’s very, very early on in this crazy fever pitch, but it’s definitely a really interesting concept that makes you think. Talking about it, developing it with Jonah and Channing and Rodney and the studio, we can’t just do the, “Hey, it’s the same thing again” schtick because we did that already.

The next film won't be based on one of the sequel posters from 22 JUMP STREET though since Chris Miller considers them to be canon.

Those are canon, all 22 sequels. If we’re going to do something, it’s got to be different but still have that same very specific Jump Street flavor to it.

While I enjoyed the JUMP STREET movies much more than I expected to, I'm not sure how I feel about the duo jumping (pun intended) into the MEN IN BLACK world for the next film. I will say that if Chris Miller andPhil Lord weren't involved I'd have almost no hope for the project, but since they are, I am a little interested in seeing what they would do with a crossover movie.

Chris Miller and Phil Lord were behind the camera for the first two episodes of the upcoming FOX comedy The Last Man on Earth(created by and starring Will Forte), and it will premiere on March 1, 2015.