Heavyweights | "Don't put Twinkies on your pizza!"

It's on Netflix... go now and watch!

Heavyweights has always been one of my favorite Ben Stiller movies. Yes that Ben Stiller! He is hilarious in this along with the Fat-Camp goers to Camp Hope! I actually didn't realize it was on Netflix til yesterday when a friend shared they were watching it on Facebook. I have my own copy of the movie and watched it over the weekend not knowing it was on there. Here is a brief breakdown of the movie if for some unknown reason you haven't seen it yet. SPOILERS!

Fat kids got to fat camp that acquires a new owner who actually wants to get kids to lose weight so he can sell his own workout system called the Perki-System. The fat kids stay fat and overcome both the new owner and the fit/popular kids from a nearby rival camp. 

I guess technically you don't have to watch it now but I'd highly recommend it because its just so funny and you wouldn't get the "Don't Put Twinkies on your Pizza" line in the title of this post!