What About That One Scene...

Hello again nerds and nerdettes and welcome to another post by your favorite bearded nerd! With all the movies coming out lately, it's been really tough to choose what has been a favorite or what has even made that "Top 5" on the list. Maybe some of them haven't been the greatest or lived up to what we hoped. But every one of them have had scenes that sent chills down our spines and we'll never forget. And with that brings me to our main topic. Our favorite scenes of all time!

I'm going to start with the scene that really started it all. What made me believe that a man could fly. No matter who has played the greatest superhero of all time, Christopher Reeve will forever be Superman. Just the moment in itself when Superman first arrives. Accompanied with John Williams unforgettable Superman theme. Though this was released before I was even a thought in my parents minds it still sends chills through me. 


My second favorite scene is a little newer but I still love it. And as cheesey as the line was, "It's Spider-Man!" gets me! I've always had a soft spot for Spidey, being a big DC supporter. And the first two movies were great. But the first time I saw Spider-Man on the big screen, gave me quite the chill


My last scene may be controversial one. But every time I watch it, it brings a tear to my eye. Being a hero is never easy. Especially when every move you make is questioned by people that either love you or fear you. But what defines a hero? Doing the right thing all the time? Saving cats from trees and helping little old ladies across the street? Or making the ultimate sacrifice for mankind? Superman knew what he had to do. And by doing so, made others believe, not just in themselves, but in humanity all together.


I even asked my nerd life colleagues what their favorite scenes were and here's what they had to say...


For me it was during Michael Keaton's portrayal of '89 Batman, deep into the movie Batman comes flying onto the scene where the Joker was having his impromptu parade. The parade featured balloons filled with the Joker's special mix of gas. Batman flew onto scene in his Batwing taking each of the balloons safely away from the citizens of Gotham. But during this scene you see the Batwing climb through the clouds right before it's decent back to Gotham filling the full moon perfectly illuminating the bat signal across the clouds.... oooooooooh yeah!



My chill moments come when characters are at their lowest moment and in that moment, they choose to believe in each other. In this scene, all hope is lost but our heroes decide to take one last stand and ride out in glory to their certain death. They ride out together, fighting off their enemies. Not for themselves, but for each person next to them. And at the last second, before they all die, the tide of the battle changes because of their friends and comrades show up. Then, together, they defeat evil. Together, they do something they could have never done alone.



First Scene

The raw sadness from Cedric's death and Harry refusing to let go. In the book, Cedric's dad is OBSESSED. He's so so so proud so its heart wrenching.


Second Scene

It's everyone coming together. You really see the magic the castle is capable of and you see it flex it's muscles and the extent of the magic and grounds. It's amazing. These are KIDS fighting adults!



I have two scenes that come to mind. The first scene I can think of is in Avengers: Age of Ultron when the Vision picks up Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer). Knowing the MCU and comics, as most people do, that only the most worthy person can wield it, it still gives me goosebumps to see someone other than Thor pick it up in the movies. Then I laugh, literally every time, when you see the look of confusion and stunned silence on everyone's face.


Second scene I can think of is when Star Lord (Peter Quill) ends up being able to hold the infinity stone long enough to defeat Ronan. And I loved the scene that he's holding it, but the rest of GOTG come to his aid and then band up to share the power. So freaking good! I got chills while typing both of these and pulling up the links! :)



So... what's YOUR favorite scene of all time? Are any of these your favorite scenes? Be sure to share!