This Week on Netflix: Total Recall

When a man goes for virtual vacation memories of the planet Mars, an unexpected and harrowing series of events forces him to go to the planet for real, or does he? -IMDb

Browsing through Netflix this weekend between my episodes of Dr. Who we decided to watch us some old school Total Recall. Arnold plays Douglas Quaid your everyday average guy, well until you see his wife played by Sharon Stone. But like I said other than that he is an average guy working 9 to 5 but he struggles with nightmares of Mars.

Total Recall is set in the future and a booming industry is called Recall is where you can implant custom memories. Why pay for a vacation when you can just by the memories off that vacation at a fraction of the cost? Not only can you buy these implanted memories but you can enhance these memories by adding different features such as your identity or the woman you're with in those memories. Quaid decides he wants to get his own memory of Mars where he is a Secret Agent.

Follow Quaid on his custom Recall or real life adventures both on Earth and on Mars. Where you find some very interesting characters, one of which I like to call "Trits" you'll know when you see her! The movie does a good job at hiding what is real life and what are Recall memories. Definitely worth the watch and in my opinion much better than the remake in 2012 so go check it out!




Posted by: Joe