The Marvel Universe Just Keeps Expanding

Nowadays it is nearly impossible to get away from anything related to superheroes in pop culture. They are in every other movie, a number of TV shows, and they're even starting to creep into music videos. And if there is a clear winner in the comic saturation, it is Marvel. Sure, there are some good non-Marvel characters (notably Batman and Superman), but the vast majority of colorful crime fighters come from the Marvel universe. While familiar folks like Iron Man and the X-Men continue to be popular, it doesn't even seem to matter who Marvel puts out there; he (or she) will immediately become a sensation.

Take Deadpool, for example. While familiar to devout fans, most people probably had never heard of him before the marketing blitz that started last year. And it comes as little surprise that the recent movie has done very well, both at the box office and with critics. You know something is a hit when even Betty White endorses it. Of course, as is the norm in Hollywood, a sequel has already been announced. But here's something interesting: Although it's a long shot, if Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were to get their way, Inquisitr notes that another Marvel character would be in the second film to battle Deadpool.

"I would love to see the Hulk against Deadpool, because it would be really fun to see Deadpool having to use his agility and his silliness and skills to overcome just brute force," Reese said.

Although fans would probably jump at the chance to see this match-up, it is doubtful because although both of them are Marvel characters, 20th Century Fox owns Deadpool while Marvel Studios own the rights to the Hulk. Reese is hopeful that something else could be worked out, though. "Maybe we can figure out another way to do that with another character in the X-Men universe," he added. "But I would love to see him square up against the Hulk. It would be hilarious."

While movies are fun places to see these Marvel superheroes, they are limited. Whatever characters filmmakers have decided to use, that's all you are going to see. Fortunately, to see much more of these folks in an assortment of combinations, you can turn to video games.

There are now tons of video games that let you play superheroes in a variety of settings. While Wolverine and Spider-Man aren't in any movies together as friends or enemies (not yet anyway), they are in several games. For instance, you can find them side by side on Betfair's platform, where the two exist as part of a Marvel-themed roulette offering. The experience is just like the classic casino game, except it's made more enticing through the use of superhero imagery and, in this case, the pairing of iconic characters.

But the best part of these video games? It's that you get to play as a ton of characters who don't appear in movies (yet, at least). For example, in the recently released LEGO Marvel's Avengers, you can take on the role of Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, and Iron Spider. The game also lets you play as villains such as Sandman, Rhino, and Carnage. Plus, you get to control the action and team up with your buddies for several different adventures. Sounds more exciting than anything you would see in a movie, right?

It may not be long before all of entertainment has been Marvel-ized, but that might not be such a bad thing.