Flappy Golf 2 | Just Tap it in!!!

Flappy Golf 2

Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc

Size: 115 MB

Release Date: Oct 31, 2016

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


Flappy Golf 2, yes the follow up to the smash hit Flappy Golf... Ok, I have know clue if the original Flappy Golf was a smash hit or not. However, I do know that Flappy Golf 2 is kind of entertaining. For me the early stages of this game are what made me enjoy this game, in fact if I'm looking for just a few minutes of fun I always go back to the first and 2nd stages. Not that the latter stages are bad or anything but those early levels fill my quick fix just perfectly. Check out some of my Positives & Negatives below. 



- Freemium! For the levels I play it is actually free!

- Flappy madness. Seems to be similar to Flappy Bird mechanics so easy to play

- Quick Fix. Have 5-10 minutes this game is perfect for you


- Freemium, you know how that goes

- Later levels just turned me off due to how many things you have to do in them. Just too much.


Have any of you tried out this game? Or even the original Flappy Golf? What did you think?

The Forest | Review (SPOILERS)

So... the Forest. Let me just start out with the fact that the last time we went to see a scary movie was the original Paranormal Activity. Since then convincing my wife to see another scary movie has fallen on deaf ears. However, a while back we did just that forced with an abundant supply of peer pressure we went to see the Forest.  



The story follows Sara Price who learns that her identical twin sister is missing and her last known whereabouts were in Aokigahara the forest at the base of Mount Fuji. The disheartening thing about this fact is that this forest is known to welcome hundreds if not thousands of suicides each year. Knowing this fact she knew she had to go help her sister. Sara had a habit of helping her sister. Jess, Sara's sister, always seemed to unknowingly need the help of her sister throughout her life. Sara explains how she differs from her sister when their parents died, a murder suicide, committed by their father. The difference was that her sister looked at their bodies while she didn't. Jess ended up in Tokyo Japan as an English teacher. Sara thought this was a good move for her knowing that she seemingly never had much responsibilty in the past. 

 So now that there is a bit of a background and intro to the movie we pick up with Sara traveling to Aokigahara because she knows that Jess is not dead she can feel her. The day before she goes out into the forest on her on to locate her sister she happens to run across a strapping young lad named Aiden in the bar/restaurant below the room she had reserved. Aiden, an Australian news reporter was there to tour the forest with his guide Michi a local who walks the forest to convince those contemplating suicide that they shouldn't as well as report suicides he wasn't able to stop. 

Although Michi discouraged Sara from going into the forest she tells him that she can still hear her sister. It's not something she can explain but since birth its a sound that she can never ignore. So that day the search for Jess begins and Michi warns Sara of two things.  First that she shouldn't go with them and second that all the bad she see's in the forest is only in her mind.  

Throughout the romp through the forest Sara deals with a lot of inner demons as Aiden and Michi look to help those in need. They even stumble upon a campsite that Michi explains as "If they bring a tent it means that they aren't sure." As they continue to look around Sara is pulled in a different direction which Aiden and Michi agree to follow. This direction seemingly pays off as they find Sara and Jess' childhood tent in the middle of the forest. Sara says that she is staying until her sister returns and even though Michi encourages her that they must turn back for the night and return the next day. Aiden also agrees to stay with Sara until her sister returns.

Again, this forest plays tricks on your mind and throughout the night Sara in confronted with different sounds and visions. She even gets to the point that she believes Aiden actually kidnapped her sister and brought her to a small cabin in the forest. This leads to her killing Aiden and when she goes to the basement of the cabin where she believes her sister is being help captive she sees her memory of her father killing her mother playing out. Her father crawls towards he grabbing her wrist where she desperately tries to cut his hand to free herself. Meanwhile we catch up with Jess who was running to escape the forest and Sara hears her from the cabin and begins to follow her. As Sara gets close the forest takes its grasp on her. Sara's spirit had followed her sister, Sara was stuck in the stairwell to the basement dead due to numerous lacerations to her wrist. At that point Jess knew she had lost Sara because she lost that feeling they both shared. 


Meh... definitely wasn't worth going to see it in theaters and not really scary which I was hoping for. Maybe a RedBox rental? But maybe not. 


We wanted to give a huge shout out to TJ & Stacey from Warrenton 8 Cinema for Sponsoring this post!

EPIC SPELL WARS of the BATTLE WIZARDS | Rumble At Castle Tentakill

Epic Spell Wars Of The Battle Wizards: Rumble At Castle Tentakill

Warning! This review may contain some objectionable content! Read at your own risk!

If you want to skip to the "How to Play" video you can find it at the bottom of this article


Rumble at Castle Tentakill is the sequel to the popular Epic Spell Wars Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre and it works as an expansion to that game or can be played as a standalone game. The game will have you take on the role of a powerful immortal wizard locked in fierce eternal combat with other wizards, the last wizard standing is the victor!

Gameplay is fast paced, off the wall, and very very humorous, especially if you have a slightly warped sense of humour.

The main thing that sets this game apart from the large crowd of quick, easy, “gross out” games like cards against humanity, that seem to be popping up everywhere nowadays is the artwork. Each card is meticulously illustrated with tons of zany action going on in the background. The art is extremely colorful and is similar in style to Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors cartoons but don’t be fooled into thinking that this game is for children. There are many hyper violent and disgusting images that are not even appropriate for most adults. That is kind of the point of the game. Epic Spell Wars is not out to wow you with advanced gameplay mechanics or heavy strategy. It wants you to kill your friends in the most ridiculous, horrific way possible and to have all of you laughing hysterically as you do it. And it succeeds quite well. The creations are far more unique than your standard fart and butt humour that most other games of this type offer which I feel sets it ahead of the curve of games like Evil Baby Orphanage and the wildly popular Cards Against Humanity.

The gameplay is very quickly paced and allows for a high level of player interaction. Each player will take an 8 card hand and assemble a spell of up to three components using those cards. The cards can have an awful lot of random effects and typically deal more damage as you add components to them. However, having too long of a spell can cause too long of a delay for it to take effect and you might get killed before it goes into effect. Judicious play of your cards can be more important than dealing the most damage each turn. This is probably the one bit of strategy that can be found in this game since most of the time you are at the mercy of randomness.

The first player to win two rounds of the game is the winner and the game usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. It should be noted, however that if your group takes a heavy “gang up on the leader” strategy a game can take a little longer because the game rewards spreading the damage around a little bit and requires a lot of thought to target one person. Things move along much quicker and get way more fun when people are attacking willy nilly.

There is some player elimination in this game but it is not too bad since rounds go pretty quickly and the longer that you are out the more bonuses you get from dead wizard cards. Each turn you miss due to being dead you will get to draw a dead wizard card that gives you a special bonus in the next round. This keeps scores even throughout the game and insures that no one has a run away victory.

This expansion adds a lot of new material to the Epic Spell Wars game that previously did not exist.

First off every “Delivery” Component in this game features a new “Creature” subset. Creatures are grotesque monsters that have random effects based on a dice roll. They also have the potential to stay around and continue to deal damage on subsequent turns which is pretty unique in this game since nothing tends to stick around too long in Epic Spell Wars. Especially the wizards!

The “Blood” mechanic is also a new feature in this incarnation of the game. If you kill a wizard or use some certain spells in the game you will collect blood which can be used as a resource to power up your spells and make them more deadly. This adds even more gruesomeness to an already pretty deranged game.

The standee, which is a fairly iconic staple in most Cryptozoic games finally is given a use in this game. The owner of the standee, which represents the dreaded Castle Tentakill, can also be used to power up your spells and give you an extra blood resource. Think of it as an added king of the hill variant to gameplay.

Finally the game adds a death curse to the mix. If you die before your spell activates you may be able to play a spell as a reaction. Allowing you to stick your tongue out as you deal out a little damage to the player that just killed you.

I think this game is definitely worth picking up for the price that Miniature Market is carrying it for at $20.70 (http://www.miniaturemarket.com/catalog/product/view/id/44296/s/cze01633/) If you want something that is just pure fun, weird and gross and fast paced this is an excellent option. I have not played the first in this series of games so therefore can not speak to its effectiveness as an expansion, but it plays very well as a stand alone. My biggest concern is that the comedy will wear off after a few plays and the gameplay is not good enough to stand on its own after the magic of the theme wears off. The inexpensive price tag however, does make that a little less of a concern and since this franchise has been very successful it is likely that more expansions will come out in the future to freshen it up. My suggestion would be to get this game and then trade it at a convention or on board game geek when it starts to become stale.

If you are interested in seeing a full gameplay video that will teach you the game and give you an idea of whether this is a game that you and your group will enjoy, check out the video below!

Thank you very much for reading this review! If you want more game reviews, news, and previews of exciting new tabletop games as well as articles and videos on all things nerd culture, check out livingthenerdlife.com!

Note: I did make a few mistakes in the video. First off I accidently knocked Kitty Purringon’s health down, by a lot. Sorry, Sir Purrington. Also you cannot target yourself as a foe. You are not your own worst enemy. I did not immediately do Riggy’s treasure ability. that would have gained him the standee and possibly some blood. Finally you gain a dead wizard card for each round you are out. We only had one round before the battle ended so I did not get to show that.

Futurama POP! Vinyl Review

Who else here is a Futrama fan?! I know I am. It’s been one of my favorite cartoon series for years. Somehow, I liked it more than The Simpsons. Yes, I said it and will probably receive hate mail for it. But no matter, this isn’t about the show itself, but about the Pops! I recently added the whole line up to my collection (got them very reasonably off Ebay for anyone who’s looking for them).


These Pops almost seem the most fun out of all the ones I have. Let’s break each one of them down:

1. Fry – I think what he’s most noticed for his is hair flip in the front and his red jacket. Both details present and accounted for. However, he seems so basic. Nothing TOO special about his detail.

2. Bender – Bender is great! Oh Oh oh OH Bender is great! Admit it, you sang it because he does. I like that they gave his eyes a little attitude, as he’s always made in the funniest ways and wants to kill all humans. Plus, the beer bottle is a nice touch. If you watch the show, then you’re aware robots need alcohol to sustain life (don’t we need the same thing as humans to sustain sanity while in the work force?).

3. Leela – Not an Alien! She’s a mutant! Remember?! Anyway, has her signature white tank top, purple hair and big boots. However, just like Bender, she also has her one eye in a position that shows she’s not amused with your antics.

4. Robot Devil – One of my favorite characters. He’s supposed to be evil, yet Funko put the grin on his face. I think that’s the best feature on this one. He’s one of the happiest, evil characters I’ve ever seen!

I really love the details that go into Funko as a whole. Hopefully they do more of the Futurama characters. Frankly, I’d like aFunko Pop of Scruffy The Janitor. What do you think? Who from Futurama would YOU like to see?! Don’t forget to add me on Instagram - @lorneondrums – for more Funko fun!

Levi’s Recent POP! Acquisitions!

I’ll admit it. I have a fairly odd obsession with collecting the cute vinyl POP figures. The minimalist representations of pop culture figures are spread out throughout my house in a decorating scheme that would make Martha Stewart cringe in disgust and burn my house down. These are a few of my most recent acquisitions.


First up from my wife and I’s favorite show are my wife’s complete set of Firefly figures. Funko did a great job of capturing the essence of the rag tag crew of the Serenity. The costumes are spot on and I love the inclusion of the little props like Wash’s dinosaur, Jayne’s Vera, and Zoe’s blunderbuss. Hopefully they release the rest of the crew in another wave I would even like to have some villains like Adelai Niska, a Reaver, Saffron/Bridget/Yolanda, or the Operative as a later set.


Brian Fuller’s Hannibal has been one of my favorite television watching experiences in the past few years and my nerdy collector instinct kicked into high gear when I heard that Funko was putting out cute little totems to the franchise! The straightjacketed Will Graham is my favorite figure in the set due to the iconic originality of the design that takes a great chunk out of one of the most heart wrenching moments of the show and places it squarely on my desk. The Hannibal Lecter figure is an exemplary representation of Mads Mikkelsons character, he appropriately sits in my kitchen. The Wendigo is also amazingly eerie and rounds out the figure set by adding a dose of the strange nightmare that juxtaposes well against the fairly “normal” looking set.

Though I do love the figures in the set my main problem is that their stances do not allow them to stand up very well. Especially Hannibal and the Wendigo whose very small feet are a little too close together to balance out their giant heads.. I understand that most people don’t even take them out of their boxes but I buy most toys to take them out and display them and these ones are a little too prone to tip over.

Another issue that I have with the set is that three out of the five in the set look a little too much like non descript normal people. The Jack Crawford and basic Will Graham (Not Pictured) just look like regular people that you would see on the street and don’t have a whole lot that really makes them, for lack of a better word, “pop.” Hannibal suffers from this same problem but benefits from having a very recognizable wardrobe along with the original way in which he wields his knife.

Hannibal Lecter, hanging out in my kitchen

Hannibal Lecter, hanging out in my kitchen

Uh Oh! Love Triangle!

Uh Oh! Love Triangle!


The Ghostbusters were my favorite movies and cartoons when I was a kid and my two favorite characters were Peter Venkman and Egon Spengler. This is a really great set of figures with a lot of different variants. The Ghostbusters have some very cool and surprisingly well detailed proton packs on their back and each character is instantly recognizable.

My favorite figure is the adorable smiley Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. By far the coolest monster in the series. He stands a little larger than the average figure at 6 inches and is one of the centerpieces of my shelves of toys. For a long time I was on a search to recollect a lot of the classic Ghostbusters toys from my childhood but these POP! figures have helped put off that very expensive urge for a little while.

This series has a lot of cool variant collectible figures as well. The burnt Stay Puft, Shiny Slimer and Slimed Pete Venkman are really cool if you are willing to shell out a bit of a premium collectors price.


Attack on Titan!

The show Attack on Titan is primarily responsible for my new found love of anime and manga. When I saw this big guy in the store I couldn’t help but instantly buy him! Like the Marshmallow Man this figure stands tall at 6 inches and has a ton of detail all the down to his oddly well detailed butt cheeks. He looks really cool next to my Capsule Q Attack on Titan Figures and is probably my favorite POP figure to be realeased to date. I am super excited for the other two figures that I ordered from the set, Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman to arrive. I hope they put out even more Titans and members of the Survey Corps out in later sets!

             Mikasa and Levi can’t stop the Colossal Titan from breaching the wall!

             Mikasa and Levi can’t stop the Colossal Titan from breaching the wall!

Best Friends Forever!

Best Friends Forever!

I couldn't resist...


Like any of these Funko Pops! in this review? Get yours now!

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Pop Ghostbusters Stay Puft Vinyl Figure 6-inch - $11.99

Pop Ghostbusters Stay Puft Vinyl Figure 6-inch

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