Micro Talk #4 | Crashlands

We didn’t have to look far to find the topic of GOTG Micro 4: St. Louis’ own, Crashlands from developer Butterscotch Shenanigans. Ryan Dampf from Living the Nerd Life is back again to speak to this interesting take on the open world crafting genre. Be sure to listen to our last Micro episode on Don’t Starve too, as there is a lot of comparing and contrasting on display for these games. 

Show Notes:

Butterscotch Shenanigans has their own podcast if you’re interested in hearing more from the devs themselves. 

Gamers On The Go #52 | Kirby Triple Deluxe

Like Zach Fleeman before him, Matt Giguere is back to discuss one of the games that made his top five list of the year…except it’s from his top five list from 2014, Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

If you don’t remember our episode on Kirby’s Dream Land 2 (it was our fourth episode after all), we give a refresher on Kirby’s history and what makes Kirby: Triple Deluxe unique (or not so unique, as the case may be).

Micro Talk #3 | Don't Starve

Once more into the darkness we go as Living the Nerd Life’s Ryan Dampf is back again to speak to another mobile game: Don’t Starve for Vita, iOS and pretty much any other console you can think of. And Chase makes an impassioned speech for another Klei title, Mark of the Ninja, to be ported just as much as Don’t Starve has been, but that’s neither here nor there.

Podcast | GOTG #51 | Titan Souls

After seeing Titan Souls on Zach Fleeman’s top five handheld games of 2015 list, Chase wanted to get him back to talk about this interesting little adventure. We chat about its overt references to games like Shadow of the Colossus and The Legend of Zelda, Chase’s certain love for an oft-forgotten Godzilla enemy and what it all means…if it means anything at all.

Show Notes:

  • Zach put up a YouTube video that details even more of his thoughts on the game.
  • In the show, we talk about a specific Steam forum thread that explores the origins of the Titans’ names and how that may inform the game’s story. Read more about it here
  • And really, you should read Nick Suttner’s book on Shadow of the Colossus. An excellent book on an excellent game. Grab a copy at Boss Fight Books

Podcast | GOTG #50b | Fav Non-Nintendo Handheld Games

Matt and Zach are back for Part 2 as we discuss our favorite non-Nintendo platform handheld games of all time. Not the most elegant name, but this gave us some interesting restrictions to make our lists. 

Zach ends up having to duck out a bit early so he shares his favorite Nintendo handheld games of all time as well. Matt and Chase will share those lists on Part 3

Speaking of which, the third and final part will be going up on Saturday. 

Podcast | Gamers On The Go #50a | Games Of The Year 2015

Matt Giguere and Zach Fleeman are back again to discuss our favorite handheld games of 2015. 

This is the first part of our three-part 50th episode blowout and covers each of our personal games of the year. Part 2 will be released on Thursday and the final part comes out on Saturday. These will cover our favorite handheld games of all time on non-nintendo and nintendo handheld systems respectively. 

Please bear with us on some of the audio issues. This wasn’t originally going to be a three-parter, but I wasn’t going to put you through a four hour podcast. 

And lastly, we will also be posting our lists in text form. Check back in all this week and next for those. The first one goes up tomorrow. 

Thanks for sticking with us for 50 episodes. Looking forward to delivering more to you in 2016 and beyond. 

PODCAST: Gamers On The Go #34 | Super Smash Bros for 3DS

Gamers on the Go platinum member, Matt Giguere returns to talk about the newest big Nintendo title on the 3DS. We chat about the series’ past, how the new game compares, how we imagine Amiibo working and discuss in a very calm and civilized manner about how the cutting of Lucas is a pure unadulterated travesty (OK, maybe Chase isn’t so calm about it.)


PODCAST: Gamers On The Go #33 | Shovel Knight

Yacht Club Games’ Nick Wozniak and Sean Velasco join Chase to discuss their love letter to Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom gaming, Shovel Knight

Hear how Yacht Club Games began, how Shovel Knight went from Kickstarter dream to award-winning reality, and how the game might’ve been different it it had just made its original $75,000 goal.

Show Notes:

Learn more about Shovel Knight and grab yourself a copy of the game at shovelknight.com

Shovel Knight is a pretty faithful NES game…except when it’s not. Read this great piece by Yacht Club’s David D'Angelo on Gamasutra about where it made sense to break from the authenticity.

Snag Shovel Knight’s awesome Jake Kaufman-composed soundtrack here. It’s pay what you want!

And keep up with Yacht Club games on their TwitterFacebook, and Twitch pages.


Director of Publishing & PR @Harmonix and Project Lead on @RecordRunJohn Drake comes on to talk about the newest mobile game from the music-minded developer.

John gives us a candid rundown of Harmonix’s history with handhelds, the story behind the timing of releasing Record Run during the Amplitude Kickstarter and definitively restates that no, no one is currently working on Rock Band 4 (yet).

Show Notes:

  • Download Record Run on iOS or Google Play for FREE!
  • VidRhythm is also FREE on iOS.
  • This episode was recorded before the news of Harmonix’s restructuring. Read more about that on Polygon.