Podcast | Gamers On The Go #50a | Games Of The Year 2015

Matt Giguere and Zach Fleeman are back again to discuss our favorite handheld games of 2015. 

This is the first part of our three-part 50th episode blowout and covers each of our personal games of the year. Part 2 will be released on Thursday and the final part comes out on Saturday. These will cover our favorite handheld games of all time on non-nintendo and nintendo handheld systems respectively. 

Please bear with us on some of the audio issues. This wasn’t originally going to be a three-parter, but I wasn’t going to put you through a four hour podcast. 

And lastly, we will also be posting our lists in text form. Check back in all this week and next for those. The first one goes up tomorrow. 

Thanks for sticking with us for 50 episodes. Looking forward to delivering more to you in 2016 and beyond.