New Suicide Squad: Issue 6

What happens when you throw in an army of genetically engineered beings, China and a group of convicts in a lab? Not sure? The answer is you have issue number six of the "New Suicide Squad." The last issue left off with Harley Quinn setting off the alarm and unwittingly letting out the genetically engineered beings. 


The promotion for the heavily featured Harley Quinn issue is actually pretty deceptive, so for those of you who are hardcore Harley Quinn fans, prepare for potential disappointment. The members of the Suicide Squad are given equal footing in the issue, with the exception of Man-Bats, who provides some late issue distraction for the team when they need it most.

The issue revolves around the team fighting off the army of genetically engineeredd beings. Reverse Flash took up the bulk of the panels trying to grab as many bombs as he could, at least until his knee seemed to go out on him with the rest of the team being overwhelmed. The interaction between the team was limited, and the issue featured, and revolved around, the actions of the Suicide Squad. 

For me, where the issue dragged was places in which the Suicide Squad handlers were featured. The dialogue was dry, and with the exception of Victor Sage being approached in the bar, it didn't really lead anywhere or give an indication of a potential future storyline. In order to effectively advancce the storyline, you need dialogue and that dialogue should have meaning. In this particular issue, I really felt like the dialogue was just there to provide a break from the action.

The issue ends in a spectacular blast, an angry man, and a promise of revenge. Will we see another member fall? What will Sage do? 

You won't find anything Earth shattering in this issue of Suicide Squad, though I guess that's expected with Suicide Squad. If by chance you're reading anything by this team, you're probably expecting violence and very little else. You have some deccent action in this issue, but I wouldn't say that it's an absolute must-grab either. In all honesty, I put this issue down feeling a little disappointed in it's overall execution. Unfortunately, it seems that DC is still stuck on giving us a mediocre issues for the Suicide Squad. You would think that with a movie coming out next year, DC would want to create as much buzz and excitement as possible. Everything could be leading up to some great issues, but sadly it's just not happening yet.  


Posted by: Jeff