Netflix Movie of the Week | Atari: Game Over

Hey whats going on everybody? This weekend the Mrs and I joined some of our close friends for a weekend getaway in Branson Missouri. We had rented a cabin in the woods... (insert dark ominous music) The weekend has been great and I definitely don't mind having a couple of work days off! Anyways I figured I would watch some movies on Netflix and too my surprise they have added some documentaries that had been removed for a while.

The first movie I picked to watch again was Atari: Game Over. 

If you haven't seen this yet I would highly recommend it to you. This movie showcases the rise and fall of Atari. However the main reason for the movie is to discover the burial site for ET the game produced by Atari. 


The landfill and search for the site and spot of the burial of these games to me was secondary. My main interest was listening to Howard Warshaw, Chief game Engineer for Atari, talk about the glory days and life as a game developer in the height of the gaming industry. Warshaw created many million copy sellers including Yars Revenge and Raiders of the Lost Ark. 

In the end it wasn't just ET that led to the downfall of Atari in fact there were a lot of terrible games out for the system. However ET with so much hype and media surrounding the release of the movie and the timing of all the events there had to be a scapegoat. ET was just that. SPOILER: the landfill was excavated, games were found and some of them were ET. It wasn't a burial ground for that game it was a dump site for a warehouse with many Atari games that closed due to the fall of Atari.

So what say you? Have you already seen this documentary?

What did you think?

Any other Netflix suggestions?


The cover art in these old games make them worth picking up as a collector!

The cover art in these old games make them worth picking up as a collector!