Marshawn Lynch Will Play a Villain in 'Call of Duty: Black Ops III'



In news so awesome that it will literally melt your brain, bring the gooey contents to a rolling boil and then throw the steaming grey matter back in your thoroughly rocked face, Marshawn Lynch will be starring in the next Call of Duty video game.

ESPN's Sam Alipour published a story Tuesday afternoon detailing Lynch's recent trip to the Activision Motion Capture Studio in Los Angeles, where his likeness and movements were recorded for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, the latest installment in the COD franchise.


This isn't a special-edition, downloadable content stunt either. Alipour writes that Lynch's character is going to be in the campaign:

In the year 2065, cybernetic advancements give rise to augmented human soldiers, a new breed of badass charged with preserving our way of life. Their mission leads them to a seedy bar in Singapore, where they encounter an underworld boss and his elite squad of mercenaries. Among them is a 5-foot-11, 215-pound battering ram of a man who's exactly like the world's most ferocious running back circa 2015: the Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch.

Alipour's story follows the Seattle Seahawks running back and his session at the Motion Capture Studio.

Lynch, a huge COD fan and avid player, gets his picture taken by 16 cameras in the glow of 6,280 LED lights ("Is this healthy?"). He dons a motion capture suit and tells developers to make his character authentic ("He better have dreads, gold teeth and my distinctive walk"). He shoots fake guns and loves every moment of it ("I'm fittin' to join the Army!").