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The past year has brought very strange days for fans of Hugh Jackman's performance as Wolverine. Depending on what project he's working on, what new developments arrive in Marvel movies or what way the wind is blowing, the star of seven X-Men films has been somewhat unpredictable as to where he stands with his future in the franchise.

Most recently, Jackman professed that he would play the character "until he dies" despite earlier claims that he was considering retirement. Then he went out and spoke highly of both the potential for Wolvie to crossover with the Avengers or to make a cameo in Ryan Reynolds' upcoming "Deadpool."

But this weekend on his Instagram account, the actor seemingly took a step back from that recent run of optimism, sharing the following image and message:


What exactly "One last time" means is unclear. It seems to indicate a fare thee well to the character, although the confirmed third "Wolverine" solo film isn't set to start filming until 2016. Could this mean he will appear in the currently underway "Deadpool"? Or "X-Men: Apocalypse"? Or is it all just a viral tease for some other movie news?

Regardless, it doesn't seem that fans will know with 100% certainty when Jackman's Wolverine run will end until it happens.