Geekly Podcast #95 | Orcs to Kung Fury

Geek Headlines 

Kanye West may dump Tidal to release new album "Swish" on the new Beats Music 

Periscope is changing media 

DC Comics and Rihanna beefing over "Robyn" trademark 

Jaden Smith will be playing Static Shock Geek TV/Movies 

Flash Season Finale - King Fury Review short film on YouTube 

The Hobbit "Battle of Five Armies" 

HBO Now already looking at a price drop 

Hulk Hogan to be in "Expendables 4" 

First screen shots of Ridley Scott's " The Martian" 

Michael B. Jordan comments on his role as "Johnny Storm" in Fantastic 4 Break Song 

"Guilty All The Same" by Linkin Park ft. Rakim 

Everything Games 

Splatoon first impressions 

"Neverwinter" free to play on Xbox One impressions 

Kung Fury 8 bit mobile game 

Trent Reznor of "Nine Inch Nails" does the music for Batman Arkham Knight Trailer 

Need for Speed reboot will be running on the same engine as Star Wars Battlefront 

Xbox One digital TV tuner releases in US and Canada 

D_Jedi1's Collectibles 

Hot Toys "Luke Skywalker" 

Mortal Kombat X "Scorpion" 

Melwheezy in hand Arrow collectible review Tech w/Tech Dre 

Apple Watch first impressions 

Android M will has standardized fingerprint login system 

Google announces Android Pay to replace Google Wallet for NFC payments 

YouTube brings 60fps live streaming 

Google Project Vault made to secure devices with a micro SD Ending Song 

"Kung Fu Treachery" by Mega Ran