Gamers On The Go #23 | Tearaway

Giant Bomb’s Patrick Klepek joins Chase to talk about one of the best (and most interesting) Vita games to come out this year.

In addition to the Tearaway discussion, Patrick and Chase also muse on the future of Nintendo, the potential dangers of PlayStation Plus and talk about some of their favorite handheld games of the year (and Chase accidentally displays some clairvoyance in today’s Smash Bros announcement).

Show Notes:

  • The picture above comes from Chase’s own Tearaway album. Go to to see some of the amazing stuff people have been making.
  • If you’re still on the fence about Tearaway, you should read Patrick’s review on the game.
  • Near the end of the show, Patrick talks a little about his newest article on blind gamers having an effect on Kickstarter game FREEQ. Read it here.
  • And for more audio-only game goodness, check out Episode 20 of Gamers on the Go about iOS horror game Vanished.