Gamers On The Go #17 | Rymdkapsel

This episode we get all minimalistic with Rymdkapsel’s Swedish designer, Martin Jonasson (and we don’t mention meatballs even once!)

We chat about what it takes to develop a game by yourself, how Rymdkapsel became a PlayStation Mobile title and how best to sneak t-shirts through international customs.

Make sure you grab a copy of Rymdkapsel on the PS Mobile store (part of PSN), the iOS App Store or Android via Google Play.

And if you’re going to PAX in Seattle this weekend, go visit Martin and play Rymdkapsel yourself at the Indie Megabooth!


  • You gotta check out one of Martin’s previous games, Glorg: a one-button, Flash-based dungeon crawler. It’s fantastic.
  • If you like the music in the credits of the episode, it’s a part of Rymdkapsel’s soundtrack: an awesome 15-minute single that available on Bandcamp.
  • Martin was even nice enough to provide us some codes to give away to GOTG listeners. Make sure you redeem them through this link. Grab ‘em while they last!

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