Game of the Week: King of Thieves (mobile)



Steal gold from other players around the world and design your own dungeon's defense in this colorful platformer.

Key Features:

Unique platformer game with PvP multiplayer.

Steal gold and precious gems from other players.

Design your own dungeon to protect your treasury.

Upgrade your traps and craft outfits for your character.

Use boosts to break the defense of other players' dungeons.

Compete with other players in leagues for epic rewards.

Get to the Golden League and become the wealthiest thief in the world!


My thoughts:  

This game caught me by surprise actually. I expected another game just like "Cut The Rope" or "Candy Crush" where you have a level, you pass and move on or fail and try again. Now, this is the case but its a little bit deeper than that.  

To start off as far as gameplay it plays a little like Super Meat Boy without all the blood and guts. Traps in the levels prevent you from getting to that levels gold. Now here is what sets this game apart from others as well as turn this into a MMO. There are two gameplay options, first you can go through the campaign which are preset levels made to help you progress your gameplay. Secondly, you can attack other players bases to steal their gold. 



- Game play: similar to Super Meat Boy which makes this fun

- MMO: you'll never run out of levels or people to attack

- Controls: simple screen tapping makes for a very easy and fun experience

- Visuals: your thief is cute and the dungeouns are exciting to see whats next

- Upgrade: you can upgrade your dungeon to protect your gold


- Freemium: One feature per campaign level you need a key to open the door. There are 3 locks you try and break and its a guessing game. You only have a certain amount of keys to use once they are gone you wait for more or... Pay for more. 

- MMO: not all people like the MMO style games (still try this game if you don't) 

- Did I mention that you need Keys to unlock doors?  


This game is definitely worth the download. If anything the campaign makes this a lot of fun, however the added benefit of attacking other players sets this game over the top for me. The big negative for me and I mentioned it twice, Keys! The locks are a complete guessing game. My very first level I tried to open I used 3 keys... I had a 33.333% chance of guessing it right but I didn't highly annoying. Anyways it's still worth the download and you should check it out.  



Posted by: Joe