DC in Crisis?

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In the time of my absence, there has been a lot of talk about DC Comics and how they seem to be failing in making their mark with their movies. Too much hype but lacking, too dark, no real plot....etc. etc. Also, they recently "rebooted" their entire comic book line with what they're now calling their "Rebirth" stories. It would seem that DC is in turmoil and just can't gain any traction on getting their good company name back in the mainstream. That's if you listen to those so called "true believers" or "Marvelites". Those that never followed a DC comic’s story will say that DC is hurting.

Truth of the matter is this; DC is doing just fine. Their characters have never been more popular and their movies are setting records. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came in at $872.7 million. But yet, the movie was just awful and still makes more than I'll ever see in 5 lifetimes. And Suicide Squad has made $384 million....and still counting. Will it make as much as BvS? Probably not. But, once again, a terrible movie. That is, if you want to listen to those hacks over at rotten tomatoes or metacritic. Both websites reviewed the two films the exact same. 27% by rotten tomatoes and 44% by metacritic. Granted, comic book movies don't really rank high on a movie reviewers list anyway but that's just a bit of coincidence if you ask me.

In my opinion, DC movies have been nothing but great. I fell in love with Superman all over again, Ben Affleck jumped way up the list of favorite actors to play Batman and Gal Gadot can only go up from here as far as Wonder Woman goes. Suicide Squad was just as enjoyable to watch as well! So, I don't understand how one can say that these movies were as bad as the entire internet is screaming. And now, with the trailers for Justice League and Wonder Woman released, it has made me even more excited to see my brand, the DC brand, come to power. DC in crisis? More like DC is just getting started.


What do you think, is DC in Crisis? Do you like the DC films they have recently put out?

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Posted by: Dustin