Games Update / 2015 GLOBAL GAME JAM

Today is a really exciting day for us here at Living The Nerd Life. We are taking part in the 2015 GLOBAL GAME JAM. Which for those of you who may not know is a week end long event where people from all around the world meet up in different areas to create games!

Not only are we excited for the JAM later tonight but we are rolling out a new tab on our website! The GAMES tab! Check it out on our main navigation. From time to time we will update this page with games that we are in the process of making or have already finished. 

Go to the GAMES tab and check out our first game that we made back in the Fall of 2014. Its called The Rise of Balthazar! In our game you play a character called Blathazar who is set out on an adventure to free all the Super Villains in the world of Utopia.

We will also be updating this page this week end as we start to work on our game for the 2015 GLOBAL GAME JAM!

STL Scatter Jam The Rise of Balthazar

The Rise of Balthazar is finally here! This is the results of our 5 man team at STL Scatter Jam a few weeks ago. Going into this Scatter Jam only 1 of us had created a game before and that was done awhile ago. 


We loved this project and have learned so much. I personally can not wait to make another game and keep building on what we learned.


Checkout the video and let us know what you think in the comments!


Checkout some of the art we created for this project.

Intro title slides


Sprite Sheets


Game pieces


Thanks for everyones hard work on this! 

Ethan Weber, Phil Freeman, Nic Weber, Zach Cavarretta, Ryan Dampf