Good Bye Star Clipper

If you live in St.Louis this week was a rough one we all learned that are dear friends at Star Clipper were going to be closing down. So to support St.Louis and Star Clipper me (@ryzn) @THEE.SOCIAL.NERD and @coolnerdyasian we down and made some great purchases! 


@ryzn's pick ups

I picked up a sweet Star Wars shirt, Nightwing graphic novel and an Obey hard cover book. Honestly this is the core reason I love Starclipper what other place can you pick up these 3 products !?!? RIP STARCLIPPER! 



The Walking Dead 100 Project hard cover, Dancing Groot and two kidrobot scribblenots figures batman and the joker.



@coolnerdyasian pick up

DC collectibles Black and white statue by Sean Murphy.



We had a great time hanging out! If you live in St.Louis stop by Star Clippers before it closes and give them some love! 


Until next time keep Living The Nerd Life!