New Podcasts | Gamers On The Go and Geekly Podcast!

We are super excited to announce that we are working with 2 very amazing podcasts Gamers On The Go and GeeklyPodcast. Make sure to subscribe here 


Gamers On The Go

Run by Chase Koeneke @gotgpodcast

Chase Is a big fan of podcasting and handheld games, so it’s only fitting that He would host a podcast about handheld games. He is also a fan of baseball, pro wrestling, Steven Universe and a whole host of other TV shows.

Make sure to check back often as we are working upload all 40+ of his past podcasts. He has some really amazing conversations and guests. He covers everything from your classic GameBoy games, His journeys to PAX and mobile games like Sword & Sworcery EP.

Gamers on the Go Latest Episode

Gamers On The Go #012 Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP


Geekly Podcast

Run by 

Host: @Melwheezy
Co-host : @Geekly_Tech_Dre 
Co-host : @d_jedi1

These long time friends have been podcasting along time and have an archive of over 94 podcasts! You are going to want to make sure and check this podcast out ever week for all the latest news in TV, Movies, Games, Tech, Toys and Nerd Culture!

The great thing about this podcast is there is always little something for everyone and the friendly banter is always top notch! 

Geekly Podcast Latest Episode

Geekly Podcast #094 | You Down With IGDA?


STL Swap Meet Podcast

Today out podcast with St. Louis Swap Meet went live! check it out here

We talk about what we are brining to the swap meet this Sunday May 17 and everything else nerdy going on these days. Make sure to give it a listen and learn more about how we started and what we are about!

We hope to see everyone May 17 at the St. Louis Swap Meet its going to be a great event! We are going to be selling video games and vintage toys. We will also be doing a few free giveaways and we are sponsoring Blaire Agnew and awesome artist from Stl who makes really cool nerdy paintings and prints. Check her stuff out and what we are going to be bringing this week end below.

For more information on the swap meet check out the facebook event page by clicking

Blaires Art work.

Items we will be selling

If you have Toys are Video Game items you are wanting to get ride of you can always email at and we would love to see what you have.