Anime STL Cosplay Part 2

Anime STL was a blast check out all the awesome cosplays we saw on Saturday and Sunday.

If you missed part 1 of Anime STL make sure to check it out here.

Good Bye Naruto

This week I had to say good bye to a long time friend Naruto. The main series has just ended after 700 chapters its finally finished. I have been watching and reading this anime for over a decade! This blows my mind I can not think of anything else that I have been so committed to for so long.

If you haven't started reading or watching Naruto you should. I was very pleased with how it ended and it still left me wanting more. Here is to a good friend you will be missed and loved!


My Favorite eye ability is Byakugan! Which makes Neji my favorite character besides Naruto.


My favorite teacher is Jiraiya! He was a great mentor to so many and really went out in a blaze of glory.


My favorite Hokage is a tie between Minato and Tsunade. They both had a very deep love for there country and put there lives on the line to protect the ones they love.