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This week in Tech & Pop: Ant-Man Teaser Trailer, Marvel's Agent Carter, Gambit and CES 2015.

Ant-Man Trailer review: 

Narrated by Michael Douglas he offers Paul Rudd (Scott) a 2nd chance. To become a hero in his daughters eyes. It's not about saving our world but saving theirs. He asks Scott to be Ant-Man. With a Paul Rudd comedic response he says: "hhmm..." & "is it too late to change the name?"

Great teaser that I unfortunately had to sit through 2 hours of Marvel's Agent Carter to see. But in the end well worth it since I now have this trailer on DVR plus Hayley Atwell wasn't bad on the eyes. Although I didnt like the show very much. But there is more on that below.

See? Told you she was easy on the eyes!

See? Told you she was easy on the eyes!


Wasn't much a fan of this show... I did like some of the flashbacks and tie-ins with other Marvel characters including a clip from Captain America. Other than that... If not for the Ant-Man trailer it would be deleted already. However I did cancel it from recording the series.

Channing Tatum to play Gambit in 2016 film!

Channing Tatum to play Gambit in 2016 film!

Channing Tatum went to twitter where he posted: "How do you say October 7th, 2016 in Cajun?"

Gambit (real name: Remy Etienne LeBeau) first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #266, and as previously mentioned, is a professional thief and gambler hailing from Louisiana. His mutant power grants him the ability to charge things with kinetic energy and turn any object into an explosive. 

Yet another Marvel movie I'm looking forward too! I'm already a fan of Channing Tatum plus I've been a fan of Gambit since I was younger, this should be a good mesh pending Tatum's ability to have a Cajun accent! We all know his Spanish accent was lacking in the sequel 22 Jump Street when he said "I am Jeff" haha. #cantwait


From Cars, TV's, Wearable's and Cable TV if it has to do with Technology CES is the place to be. January 6th - 9th companies as big as Samsung to smaller independent companies come from all over the where to show of their new technology. 

Wearables are still an ever growing market for many of these companies. With the announcement of the AppleWatch in September and other companies already in the segment wearable tech is here to stay for a long amount of time. One thing with wearables is that it isn't always for fitness. Granted the fitness wearable has saturated the market with companies like Fit, MisFit, Nike, and Garmin just to name a few. Google has the best example of something other than fitness wearable tech and thats GoogleGlass. This is just one example wearable tech outside of fitness another that has been mentioned was a device that assist those who have suffered from a stroke and lost some functionality with facial expressions.  

2015 also seems to be the year of the OLED TV. An LG rep stated that its not how bright or great we can make colors pop out from the screen. Instead its achieving the blackest black possible. Not only can you get the blackest black picture from this OLED TV's due to its durability you can also bend the sccreen. So more cost effective Curved screen television should be hitting the market this year. 

There are so many more companies there with many more idea's I'm sure that span from delivery services, dvr systems and plug in devices for streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix.  

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

If you have been following the Hunger Games series this is the 3rd movie. The 2 movies before this point were very action packed and full thunder dome style fighting. You should know going into this movie that its not like that at all. 

We follow Katniss on an emotional roller coster. We get to see how much pain the games and life have started to cause her. One of my favorite things about this movie is that we get to see more of what is going on in the other cities, as they start to revolt. You really get to feel and see society falling apart. 

This is a must see movie if you have watched the other 2. I've heard some talk of people no liking this movie because its slower. You must look at the movies as a whole and this one is a very important part of the story. Will Katniss pull it together and lead a revolt against the capital or will she fall apart watching her friends and family die around her.

I give this movie 4/4 turtle shells.

Interstellar NO SPOILERS

This weekend I got the chance to check out Interstellar with some of my friends. I would definitely go see it! I was amazed by the graphics and emotional story. I personally would have enjoyed some background info on what put the world in this interesting situation. instead of the very very high level one we got. I also think the last 15min of the film were the most shaky for me. I can't really mention anything more detail with out giving anything away. If you are looking for a good movie to see before Mockingjay comes out def check out Interstellar! I give it 3/4 ninja turtles.