DIORAMAS, dust off those figures.

Like a lot of collectors out there, I’ve got shelves full of plastic crack, lol. One day after perusing instagram I came across some awesome images that used action figures in these elaborate miniature sets. After my interest was peaked, I began my quest to find out what this was all about. That’s when I found out about “ACBA” which stands for Articulated Comic Book Art. The pioneer of this art form’s name is Kendal Gray AKA Boognice10 and this movement started around the summer of 2009. Basically everything is done in camera NO PHOTOSHOP. Cut out comic speech bubbles are used, lighting effects etc. As an artist myself I thought I could do this or at least try building the sets. 

So I searched some more and found their sister group on facebook called Diostructure.The Diostructure group is where I found a home.

On Diostructure’s page there are tons of talented artists that are helpful with tips and techniques. I have to admit there was a learning curve, but with the help of the diostructure community it didn’t take me long to catch on. Of course with anything it takes time to get the hang of it and I’m still learning.The main materials for anyone getting started are an exacto knife, acylic paints, polystyreen insulation foam, metal ruler and a great imagination.

The first diorama I made was sort of a blown up building with two floor levels. I started about 2 years ago making these dios. I have made alley ways, throne rooms, spaceship command centers, the list goes on. I love it. It’s a chance to be a kid again and get those figures down off the shelf and actually use them.

I don’t post much on ACBA’s group page. I found my talents better used in the building of the dios. A few of the members of ACBA community have commisioned me to build their sets, and that keeps me really busy. Anyone that enjoys collecting and likes to be creative would love this. It’s taken my love for the hobby to the next level.