Pass The Buck | Kickstarter

I had the amazing opportunity to check out Pass The Buck and let me tell you I had the time of my life! Pass The Buck is really simple, fun and interactive. It was only a matter of seconds before we were all laughing and Passing off our tasks to one another. 


Pass The Buck is a light game good for casual gamers or hard core gamers looking for a break and something fresh. The best thing about Pass The Buck is that it mimics corporate life to a T! Its super fun trying to get your friends to complete your tasks while trying to throw them off about the departments your in. 

The kickstarter is only 350$ away from being funded. The crazy thing is you can get Pass The Buck for only 15$ no I'm not kidding you! It is time you had this game in your life! Check out the kickstater now and back this game! 


Ghost Town: A Mystery // Kickstarter

Our own Living The Nerd Life content creator, Jesse Kwe (@ShoPow11), is starting his new career as a comic book artist and his first big project is a graphic novel entitled "Ghost Town"! It will be a series of 3 books with the first one, subtitled "A Mystery", being comprised of 4 issues. This will be Jesse's big break into the comic book industry so please check out the Kickstarter page and if you like what you see, pick a reward level to pledge, and support Jesse's dream by sharing it with anyone else who you think might be interested in seeing this comic get made. Thank you!

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About this project:

Ghost Town: A Mystery is the first book in the Ghost Town series. It follows Arthur the Auditor and his mission to Treble City to "Investigate recent disturbances from unknown assailants."

The Story: 

America is not who she once was...

When the debt became too much and the will to fight was too little, they took her from us. They, The Lollipop Corporation, with their promises of freedom from our troubles bought her out from under us. We wasted her and they took her away.

Now we are only Share Holders, owning a fraction of the company that owns all of it; our land, our resources, and our futures. 

So just like our brother Arthur Saulos, the Last Man Born in America, we gave up trying a long time ago.

Arthur took his job as Auditor, gave up his birth hands for metal ones, and put on the suit and tie for Lollipop.

Now he works the job.  He does the missions that are provided to him by a faceless machine, written in a code he didn't bother to learn. That's okay, he'll let The Librarian translate it for him. He's the only kind face in this company anyway.

The next mission that The Librarian hands him is Treble City, a Lollipop holding on the east coast. "Recent disturbances by an unknown assailant," is all Arthur has to go on, but he's used to that. It's been a long time since he's been to Treble City and he'll soon learn that things have most certainly changed in "The City That Never Sleeps."

Because, just like his mission, things in Treble City are not as they seem...

...but what ever really is... Ghost Town...

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A Glimpse at the panels:

Board Game News 3.5.15

Tail Feathers

Plaid Hat games finally released previews of their closely guarded secret, “Project TF” at the NY Toy Fair. The game will be set in the company’s popular Mice & Mystics universe featuring anthropomorphic Mice and Rats battling in the skies on winged mounts. Jerry Hawthorn, a designer for Plaid Hat games has been mentioning his playtesting for project TF for months on the Plaid Hat Podcast and it is wonderful to finally see some information coming out. The game will be a head to head skirmish game with a possibility for some crossover with the Mice and Mystics fantasy adventure game. Below are some images of the miniatures that will be included in the game.


Chew The Card Game

IDW announced a card game based on the graphic novel “Chew” by Rob Guillory to be released this May. The game will allow players to use different characters with special food related powers and cyborg animals to solve cases for the FDA. Chew is one of my favorite comics and I am very excited to play a game based on the franchise.

Repos Production leaked the above image for their expansion to Cash n’ Gun$. The Cop expansion will add 2 new guns to the game, a revolver and a deringer. A new character will also be introduced, the cop, whose job will be to send an alert the rest of the police before the criminals discover him.


Tabletop Day 2015

April 11th will mark Geek and Sundry’s 3rd annual table top day. To celebrate they will be offering promotional material from a wide variety of game publishers. They are offering a regular promo kit that carries $250 worth of merchandise and a premium kit values over $600.

The regular kit contains

1 custom Geek & Sundry card deck

1 Reverse Charades Geek & Sundry edition

1 Dead Man's Draw TableTop Day edition

2 Dead of Winter Felicia Day Survivor Promo packs

1 Evolution Promo Coaster Pack

1 Boot Hill Extra Character Promo Sheet

3 Castle Panic TableTop Day Towers

20 Munchkin TableTop bookmarks

14 Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day Fluxx Promo Packs

1 Three Cheers for Master TableTop Promo Card

8 X-Wing Promo Cards

4 Sheriff of Nottingham TableTop Trophy of Awesome Promo Cards

2 Cash n Guns Blackmailer Cards

2 Dixit Card Packs, 4 Terror in Meeple City Space Cowboy Shuttles

1 Roll For It! Owlbear Promo Card

1 Batman Love Letter

2 Geek Out! TableTop Edition Promo Packs

4 Killer Bunnies Promo Card Packs

1 Zombie Romeo & Zombie Juliet Promo Cards

1 Where Art Thou Romeo?

1 Krosmaster Promo Figure

1 Custom International TableTop Day 2015 Poster

While the premium kit will contain:

1 Reverse Charades Geek & Sundry edition

1 Dead Man's Draw TableTop Day edition

1 Dead of Winter TableTop Day edition

2 Dead of Winter Felicia Day Survivor Promo Pack,

1 BioShock Infinite The Siege of Columbia

1 Clubs

1 Evolution Promo Coaster Pack

1 Boot Hill Extra Character Promo Sheet

3 Castle Panic TableTop Day Towers

20 Munchkin TableTop bookmarks

1 Munchkin Premium Hoodie

1 Fluxx 5.0

14 Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day Fluxx Promo Packs

1 Three Cheers for Master TableTop Promo Pack

8 X-Wing Promo Cards

4 Sheriff of Nottingham TableTop Trophy of Awesome Promo Cards

2 Cash n Guns Blackmailer Cards

2 Dixit Card Packs

4 Terror in Meeple City Space Cowboy Shuttles

4 7 Wonders Wil Wheaton Cards

6 Roll For It! Owlbear Promo Cards

1 Batman Love Letter

1 Dark Seas

2 Geek Out! TableTop Edition Promo Packs

1 Geek Out! Alternate Cover

4 Killer Bunnies Promo Card Packs

1 Zombie Romeo & Zombie Juliet Promo Cards

1 Where Art Thou Romeo?

1 Council of Verona Collector's Edition

1 Krosmaster Jr.

1 Krosmaster Promo Figure

1 TableTop Collector's Coin Pack

1 Custom International TableTop Day 2015 Poster


Catan The Movie

Gail Katz, notable producer of Air Force One, recently purchased the TV and Movie rights to popular board game, Catan. I’m not entirely sure how a story will be made from the game but if it doesn’t involve Harrison Ford screaming at a robber to “GET OFF MY GRAIN!” I’m not that interested.


Above and Below - Kickstarter

Red Raven games started a kickstarter for their new game, Above and Below. The game will have players building cities and exploring a cavern system with their workers. Based on which workers are exploring the labyrinthian depths different stories will develop guiding interesting choices to be made by the players that will affect the course of the game. The kickstarter has two pledge levels for $42 you get can get the base game and $50 will get you the game plus all stretch goals. There’s a reason there is only one backer at the $42 level and FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY EIGHT at the $50 level. It’s a far better deal for just eight bucks.


Hitman Holiday Ending March 12th - Kickstarter


In other kickstarter news, Hitman Holiday will be ending it’s campaign on March 12th. The game is a deductive logic game where each player will be given a secret target to kill before that target can figure out who is out to murder them. Lots of reviewers have been giving Hitman Holiday very positive reviews despite mediocre artwork (no one on this box looks like they’re from the same game) and muddled looking miniatures (see below). The game is very close to reaching its target goal of $18,000 so if you want a chance to straight up murder your friends in a fancy paradise hotel the time to get on board with this project is now.

Board Game News!

The world of table top gaming had another big week. Announcements for some anticipated new releases were dropped. One of the most influential games in recent history is getting a reprint. Wiz Kids announces a big change to their organized play structure for D&D Attack Wing, and some exciting new Kickstarters hit the ground running.

Hans Im Gluck announced a rethemed Star Wars version of Carcassonne to be released in the Fall of 2015! Carcassonne is one of my favorite games and introduced me to the world of board gaming. The addition of a theme starring my favorite film franchise is very exciting, however I’m not entirely sure how it will work out. The above image is a prototype version of the game showing what appears to be some type of hyperdrive lane to replace the road system and some planets to replace the cities. I’m not sure what this will do to the city building and farming mechanic of the game or what the Imperial and Rebel Alliance logos will have to do with the gameplay but I am very excited to find out and will definitely be keeping my eye on this project.


Speaking of Star Wars, Fantasy Flight Games released an in depth look at the Rebel Alliance faction from their upcomming Star Wars Armada miniatures game. The game looks to build on the foundation of their massively popular Xwing miniatures franchise by introducing much more large scale combat featuring capital ships and squadrons of fighters in favor of the dog fight skirmishes that are featured in Xwing.

The ships featured are the Correllian Corvette, the Nebulon B Frigate,and the Assault Frigate MKII. For more info on these ships visit the announcement page here:


Wiz Kids announced a change to the organized play structure of their D&D Attack Wing miniatures game. Originally the company had each player bring a prebuilt 120 point value faction to the event. New rules now require the players to bring a prebuilt 90 point faction that will be supplemented by one of fiver blind box miniatures to be provided at the event.

Wiz kids offered a preview of three of these new miniatures along with the announcement featuring a fighter, druid and a ranger.

This new announcement is going to add a good deal of randomness to organized play events and will not only give a bit more balance in favor of gamers with less impressive factions but will also be a good source of sales for the stores hosting the events.


Stonemaier games released new artwork for my most anticipated game of 2015, Scythe! Scythe is a asymetrical miniature wargame combined with a worker placement economic game. The setting is in an alternate 1920s WWI scenario where players will have to harvest resources on a game map and construct different mechanized walking machines of war to defeat their enemies and defend their territory. The game features absolutely stunning art by artist Jakub Roalski who inserts giant terrifying mechs into scenes from the era. More artwork for this game can be found here:


El Grande, the game that introduced most of the world to the concept of the worker placement game is getting a much much deserved reprint. This big box reprint does not only give you a much upgraded version of the game featuring meeples instead of giant cubes and a nicer tower but you also get every expansion ever made for it.

The game communities excitement around this release is palpable and I am very excited for new information about a release date and price to come out in the future.


In Kickstarter news Stonemaier games announced that they will be launching their partner driven city building game, Between Two Cities, on February 25th. The game features an interesting mechanic where one player will have to build two cities collaboratively with the player on their right and left in an attempt to build the most impressive city in the world.

I am very intrigued by the mechanics of this game which will include a bit of co-op play, drafting, and tile laying. The artwork looks like a really appealing mishmash between Suburbia and Machi Koro and the miniature meeples featuring The St. Louis Arch, Taj Mahal, The Roman Coliseum, The statue of Christ the Redeemer, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Harbor Bridge, and the Great Pyramids all look really fun to play with.

Reportedly both standard and Deluxe versions of the game will be available at less than $40 pledge tiers which seems like a decent value for the game.


Slaughterville is a cooperative survival horror game featuring a group of college students exploring the haunted town of Slaughterville.

Each player will take on the role of a college student archetype such as the nerdy one, the angry guy, the goth girl, etc. They will be investigating the town of Slaughterville which is being haunted by a random horror movie monster like vampires or bodysnatchers. Throughout the game players will be finding powerups and different survivors to help them combat the different spooky events that will be randomly occurring throughout the game until finally they get strong enough to take on the big bad monster.

The artwork and style of the game is fairly reminiscent of Flying Frog’s a touch of evil. I like the combination of photography and illustration. It gives off a sense of realness to the terror that is going on in the game and seems like it will help bring the character further into the world.

The text on the cards looks a little small and wordy but it does look like it’s trying to add a lot of theme to the game and is adding some story elements to give a more immersive experience. Small text is never good for playing in dimly lit rooms which this game is pretty much meant to be played in.

The downside is that the game is currently hovering at about $2,000 of its $15,000 goal and has some pretty unimpressive stretch goals. The price point of $55 is fair for a game of this type and quality and I think that having a $10 print n’ play option is a nice touch so that you will at least get a playable version of the game at the end of the campaign.

The designer seems like a first timer and doesn’t seem to have a lot of game design credentials. Some rookie mistakes do seem to be getting made on this campaign by having some plain video work to describe his goals and game, small card text, and undervalued stretch goals. But the game itself does look solid and seems like a lot of fun.

Look for yourself at


Finally, on kickstarter are these giant 40 sided spindown dice for use primarily with magic the gathering. I’m not really sure why Magic players prefer using dice to keep track of their life instead of pen and a piece of paper but these dice look like they would be very useful for the EDH and Two Headed Giant formats that require multiple dice to keep track of life.

The $20 price tag seems a bit costly, but then again just about everything is with Magic. If you are looking for a cool way to keep track of your life points and have a good conversation piece for your game then go fund this project here:

 Thank you for checking out Board Game News here at Living the Nerd Life. Keep checking back for more great reviews and news on your favorite geeky hobbies!

 -Levi Bushue