Savior #1 Review



New this week in comics is “Savior,” brought to us by Todd McFarlane and Brian Holguin from Image comics.  This is a story of a strange man appearing from the wreckage of a plane crash in the corn fields of Kansas.  The story begins with a reporter waiting outside as the man referred to as “Samaritan” is escorted to the police station.  The crowd is a mix of divided people: half of the people hating on him and half begging him for help.  Then there is the sound of a gun and blood is splattered across the reporter's face.

The rest of the comic takes place six months earlier in Damascus, Kansas.  A reporter by the name of Cassandra Hale, who is originally from the town of Damascus, is giving a speech at the local high school.  She is delivering a speech on our tendency to believe in what we want to believe in, and this sentiment is a reoccurring theme throughout the comic.  Another central part of the story is that the media portrays the sides of each story that it wants to portray.  The general belief here is that the Internet was supposed to be our savior when in fact it may actually be our downfall.  The dialogue here is kind of preachy, but it's short enough to not push it too far.  Any further and it might have become a major turnoff.  


 The comic then centers around a teenage boy making a drug deal and staying home after being invited to a concert.  Later, there are scenes of Cassandra and her friends at a diner and making their way to the airport.  Here we are treated to a scene that delves further into the theme of people believing what they want to with a short discussion on religion and the role of questioning.  For some readers, this section might be too much, while for others it might not be enough.  Personally, I think it was done well enough to establish the Cassandra character and her belief structure without being overly preachy or sanctimonious. Here, we get a glimpse of the one they call “Samaritan” as he's walking out of a corn field carrying someone in his arms.

The artwork done by Clayton Crain, who you might know if you're an X-Force fan, is really well done.  The plane scenes are great and the scale of the plane is well done as it comes crashing down on the highway.  The devastation is done with amazing detail.  The fact that you can easily tell that it's raining through these scenes make it even better.  The artist does an impressive job capturing the overall doom with the rain, cloudy skies and general dark appearance. The facial expressions are fluid and often, you are left wondering what the characters are expressing.  

“Savior” was a great read and a really intriguing way to start a new series.  It grabs you from the opening pages and never lets you go.  If you're at your local comic shop and see this sitting on the shelves, pick it up!  You won't be disappointed and in fact, you might even want to thank me.  I accept cash, paypal, and all major credit cards.



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