Are you having trouble finding enough friends online to complete weekly events and raids? Tired of playing PVP by your self?

I found Destinylfg several weeks ago and now I use it every time I want to do anything on Destiny. Destinylfg is a matching and paring site. You can put in your Name, Console, Region, Class, Level, Activity and a Comment if you want. You can then list your information on a board that everyone can see. 

From this view you can filter for Console, Language, Activity, Class and a general text search. This is where you can look for people trying to complete what ever you are. Just shoot them a message or a chat invite and you will fill up your squad with in a few min. 

I have completed all my weekly events including raids on normal with 2 characters for the past 4 week using this website. It is very simple and fast! If you have any questions about it just let me know.