Breaking Bad Funko POPS!

Hello all my nerds who are living the nerd life! I’m so excited to talk about my updated Breaking Bad Funko collection. Yes, indeed, this is another Funko review. I’m aware I may have an addiction to buying/collecting Funko’s. However, you keep reading about them. So what does that tell us? We All have problems I guess? Haha! Anyway, moving along…….


So, today I’m showing off the Breaking Bad Series of my collection. For Christmas, my big brother got me Walter White and Jesse Pinkmann as gifts as I was a big fan of the show. Since then, I’ve added to the series as well. A couple months later, adding Gus Fring and then as of recently adding Mike, Hank and of course Saul Goodman (BETTER CALL SAUL!). A little bit of a back story why I have these……….. I love the Breaking Bad Series! Actually that was a fairly short back story. Joking aside, my parents are to blame for sucking me in. I can recap exactly how this went down. My parents were just sitting down to rewatch the whole series because they followed it on TV, but now it was on Netflix. So they were going to power watch the entire series in a few weeks. They tried asking a few days prior if I wanted to join them, but declined at the time. So the night they started watching from Episode one, I had come into it about halfway through the episode and ended up getting hooked. SO they rewound the episode and started from the beginning. 2 and a half weeks later of binge watching Breaking Bad every night, we finished all 60+ episodes. What an AMAZING show. I highly suggest watching it!

(Quick Synposis: Breaking Bad is a show about a High School teacher who starts making meth with his partner who’s a previous student of his and their rise to the top of the drug world).

Anyway, back to my Funkos! Sorry for the side story / tangent. As usual, I’m always so excited about the detail. Funko has never disappointed in that aspect. The yellow hazmat suits, Saul Goodman’s unusual hair style, the half blown-off face of GusFring. I have the main characters in my line up right now. For whatever reason though, they are the only ones I can’t bring myself to remove from the box, lol. If you are a breaking bad fan, these are the collectibles you want to have around the house. If you are a Funko fan, watch breaking bad so you have an excuse to get these guys!

Thank you again so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @lorneondrums for more Funko fun! I will be starting more giveaways very soon!

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