The Forest | Review (SPOILERS)

So... the Forest. Let me just start out with the fact that the last time we went to see a scary movie was the original Paranormal Activity. Since then convincing my wife to see another scary movie has fallen on deaf ears. However, a while back we did just that forced with an abundant supply of peer pressure we went to see the Forest.  



The story follows Sara Price who learns that her identical twin sister is missing and her last known whereabouts were in Aokigahara the forest at the base of Mount Fuji. The disheartening thing about this fact is that this forest is known to welcome hundreds if not thousands of suicides each year. Knowing this fact she knew she had to go help her sister. Sara had a habit of helping her sister. Jess, Sara's sister, always seemed to unknowingly need the help of her sister throughout her life. Sara explains how she differs from her sister when their parents died, a murder suicide, committed by their father. The difference was that her sister looked at their bodies while she didn't. Jess ended up in Tokyo Japan as an English teacher. Sara thought this was a good move for her knowing that she seemingly never had much responsibilty in the past. 

 So now that there is a bit of a background and intro to the movie we pick up with Sara traveling to Aokigahara because she knows that Jess is not dead she can feel her. The day before she goes out into the forest on her on to locate her sister she happens to run across a strapping young lad named Aiden in the bar/restaurant below the room she had reserved. Aiden, an Australian news reporter was there to tour the forest with his guide Michi a local who walks the forest to convince those contemplating suicide that they shouldn't as well as report suicides he wasn't able to stop. 

Although Michi discouraged Sara from going into the forest she tells him that she can still hear her sister. It's not something she can explain but since birth its a sound that she can never ignore. So that day the search for Jess begins and Michi warns Sara of two things.  First that she shouldn't go with them and second that all the bad she see's in the forest is only in her mind.  

Throughout the romp through the forest Sara deals with a lot of inner demons as Aiden and Michi look to help those in need. They even stumble upon a campsite that Michi explains as "If they bring a tent it means that they aren't sure." As they continue to look around Sara is pulled in a different direction which Aiden and Michi agree to follow. This direction seemingly pays off as they find Sara and Jess' childhood tent in the middle of the forest. Sara says that she is staying until her sister returns and even though Michi encourages her that they must turn back for the night and return the next day. Aiden also agrees to stay with Sara until her sister returns.

Again, this forest plays tricks on your mind and throughout the night Sara in confronted with different sounds and visions. She even gets to the point that she believes Aiden actually kidnapped her sister and brought her to a small cabin in the forest. This leads to her killing Aiden and when she goes to the basement of the cabin where she believes her sister is being help captive she sees her memory of her father killing her mother playing out. Her father crawls towards he grabbing her wrist where she desperately tries to cut his hand to free herself. Meanwhile we catch up with Jess who was running to escape the forest and Sara hears her from the cabin and begins to follow her. As Sara gets close the forest takes its grasp on her. Sara's spirit had followed her sister, Sara was stuck in the stairwell to the basement dead due to numerous lacerations to her wrist. At that point Jess knew she had lost Sara because she lost that feeling they both shared. 


Meh... definitely wasn't worth going to see it in theaters and not really scary which I was hoping for. Maybe a RedBox rental? But maybe not. 


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