Mobile Game of the Week | Summoner's War

So I started playing this game a while ago thanks to the ad above however I stopped playing just as quick as I started. Not sure why but gameplay wasn't exactly my cup of tea. Recently a co-worker mentioned he played and I checked out his floating palace in the sky and saw all of his awesome characters and I knew I had to give it another try. I have played maybe 3-4 weeks now and definitely ashamed I stopped playing. The downfall of playing this tho is that it is digging into my Clash of Clans time which by the way my push to Titan League sputtered out around 3380 trophies! Ha. 

Like I said Summoner's War is an addicting little game. As a matter of fact there are 3 of us at work that have been pretty active in the game the past month. This has definitely helped with staying active in the game and has helped at least me see what to look forward to in the game. His user name is _Stumpy_ he has been playing the game for quite a while and has been a big help for myself and my co-worker in guiding us through the game. Here are a few of his top monsters!

Because I'm no where near the level he is my monsters are not nearly as strong but I'm still a proud monster owner. Here are 5 of my favorite monsters that I currently have!


Anyways here are some of my Positives and Negative about the game.


- FREEmium: you can at least download it, take it on a test drive and if you don't like it no harm no foul

- Graphics: Advanced monster styling is great... one day I'll get there

- Gameplay: RTS gameplay is surprisingly fun to me especially the feature that attacks for me "set it and forget it"

- Storyline: surpised to say this but the story so far is pretty good



- FREEmium: yes its both positive and negative. Pay to win or advance more quickly is a trend in most FREEmium games and that's no different for Summoner's War

- Scrolls: most annoying thing about the game is getting a Mystical Scroll and getting a crappy monster


Do you play Summoner's War? If you do find me and add me my username is: ~ICON~

What do you think about the game?


Let me know in the comments below!